Club Penguin Fan Universe

WARNING:Do not write in this. If you do,Puddle will find you....O_o

Chapter 1:Pranking the Ninja[]

So,this is a journal. Never had one before. Oh,here's about the time where my bro and I pranked Swiss Ninja.

One day,me and Fire were watching TV in our owner's igloo. We were borred. Okay,I'm going out on a buisness trip. My boss told me I need to head up to a night club down in Penguin Chat. Their DJ is stranded on a deserted island. So I need to be the DJ at their party tonight GGD told us. He walked out of the door,with his headphones,boombox,sunglasses and hoodie on. As soon as he shut the door,we ran outside on the front lawn.

Say,watcha wanna do? Fire asked me. I thought for a while. Then I had a idea. Let's pay Lemon a visit,eh? I asked. We are pranking someone today,correct? my brother asked. Sure are! I answered. We ran across the snow covored lawn to Hat Pop's igloo. Hat Pop lives next to GGD. I rang the doorbell. Hat answered it. Hey guys? Watcha up to? she asked us. Is Lemon inside? I asked. Yes,he is playing a game Hat asked. Do you need him for something? I didn't know what to say. Yes! my brother said. Lemon walked out the door. Be good. Hat said as she shut the door.

Hey guys Lemon said. Pranking day? Yes me and Fire said together. We ran to the Dojo Courtyard. We snickered. Swiss was probably in the Fire Dojo. So we ran to the Fire Dojo. Sure enough,he was there. Lemon got out his pie. I got out the cannon. Fire got out the crate of dark ninja masks and black belts. He set the crate near the bridge. Lemon hid behind the cate,and I did aswell. We put the cannon behind the crate,and filled it with pies. WHOAH! FREE BLACK BELTS AND NINJA MASKS! ONLY FOR SWISS NINJA! my brother yelled. Aw,sweet! Swiss said as he tried to grab one. Me and Lemon fired the cannon. Swiss got slapped by many pies,then tripped and fell into the Ninja Hideout. We laughed and laughed as we walked home.

When me and Fire got home after dropping off Lemon,GGD was at the door. He was mad. What did you do to Swiss Ninja? he sreamed. Well,you see I began. GO TO YOUR ROOM! NOW! GGD said.

Well,there you go. I'm currently grounded. Bye!