Club Penguin Fan Universe
Prototype Claymotion
Prototype Claymotion image
Prototype Claymotion, all shiny and orange.
Vital statistics
Title Prototype: Claymotion
Gender None
Race Robot
Faction None
Health 100%
Level Level
Status Prototype
Location Unknown

Prototype Claymotion is the first robot made in the C.A.R. It has the appearance of a tinted orange robot with a blue wizard hat atop the robot's head. It runs on several commands, only to be given by its "Master". It has such commands, given according to the action given to the name. It can wave, dance, say anything, and pretty much do anything. Except add people to his buddy list, moonwalk, walk on walls, throw snowballs, show emotes or go to igloos. This version (as you can see) has many problems, and is currently no longer used.


The robot was made when a penguin decided that it would be great to have a servant, but no penguin would do it for free, so, why not make a robot that won't get angry or want coins? He got his friends to help, and they built this robot. Then, after a while of seeing that this robot clearly needed an upgrade, they decided to become an army, but they needed more robots, so they trashed the prototype and started getting to work.



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