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Proffeser Flaggles
Profeser Flaggles
Is something wrong with his head?
Vital statistics
Title Professor Storm Ninja Flaggles, his Inventor-acy
Gender Male
Race Vampenguin
Faction Formerly not a vampenguin.
Health Eternal
Level He drank a potion that made him invincible (or, in other words, withstands all attacks).
Status Alive.
Location Professor Flaggles
Occupation Professor/Inventor
Interests Inventing.
Friends The MMA or Mwa Mwa Attackers
Enemies Mwa Mwa Penguins

Professor Storm Ninja Flaggles, K3vin waz here or simply Professor Flaggles, is a vampenguin professor-cum-inventor. It is said that his feelings were crushed by bullies and his giant brain was caused due to his giant head. He was not a vampenguin in the first place until someone turned him into. He is also against Mwa Mwa Penguins.

No one has ever added him as a friend, but the Mwa Mwa Attackers befriended him.


He was born over three hundred years ago. His IQ was extremely high and his brain grew so much that his cells multiplied extremely fast (in other words, he has a super-big head). This was the main cause for being made fun of in pre-school. Soon after, his background went missing, and no one knew what happened for the rest of his life, although it has been proven he hid in his home's basement.

One day, he decided to come out after a long long time. However, he was bitten by a vampenguin, and this bite made his thirty-year old appearance the same forever. He moved to a new home (his house was in bad condition) and hid in the attic. It was until sometime during the pre-Olde Antarctica era that he finally took a step into the world he never saw for many, many years.

He soon had a forte: inventing. He decided to invent stuff. He showed important penguins about his inventions and, by chance, he had the rank of a professor. During that period, he was once clinged by a Mwa Mwa Penguin about seventeen years old dressed in long johns,a wig with a bow,a wand,and a diva scarf that told him 'I wove woo Duh Duh!'. That flared his fangs and insterted them into the Mwa Mwa's flipper then to finish it off the kicked her so hard that she went through the walls of the Pet Shop. From then on, no chick came at least five feet near him. In turn, he hated chicks, although he hated Mwa Mwas more. He went on to invent his greatest invnetion ever. Perhaps the greatest invention the world has ever seen at the time. It was the Nummy Cake Spray, made from Nummy Cakes. He found out the secret ingredient to what makes Nummy Cakes, well,

He used it on a chick, and it cured the chick completly. Sadly it does not work on Cutiekins and Manny Peng. But, he is currently working on a new invention that will cure even the likes of Manny Penguin and Cutekins.



He is a vampenguin who invents things to get rid of Mwa Mwa Penguins.


  • He is a vampenuin.
  • He has a HUGE brain and a GIANT head.

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