Club Penguin Fan Universe
Pressure (Or The Race)
Vital statistics
Participants Rocket Slug, CupcakeSlam, Rocket Slug X
Date September 5th, 2010
Location Tour de Flippers

Pressure is a fictional story that takes part in the Tour de Flippers, a real race in which Rocket Slug's ancestors have owned. It has been continued for 95 years. So Rocket Slug, CupcakeSlam, and Rocket Slug X enter.


Sneakered flippers pounded against the wet, dewy grass. A specific, yet familiar pair of purple high tops with golden laces move slowly. A sweet, feminine and hoarse voice announces,

"*COUGH* I'll be there, it's just that *WHEEZE* I'm out of....... breath."

She falls to the ground. It is none other than Rocket Slug, rich girl, guitarist, dancer, and video gamer.

Then, her sneakers appear again. Her sweet, innocent face is now holding a lip-glossy and confident smile, even though she doesn't have lips. She batted her thick eyelashes and continued to run, her green puffle backpack jingling with key chains.

Finally, she was back to her gym teacher.

"35 minutes, Rocketta. B+ for your final grade."

"WHAT?!?" exclaimed RS. I tried my best, ran as fast as I could, FELL TO THE GROUND AND GOT BACK UP, and you give me a B+?" She paused to catch her breath.

"My stepmother will be so proud!"

Class dismissed.

Chapter 1: Signing Up[]

The next day, Rocket Slug, Rocket Slug X, and CupcakeSlam sign up for the Tour de Flippers, a five-mile run for charity.

"I like ta run. Makes me think o' evil!" said villain CupcakeSlam with her thick accent.

"Sure. After all, I could disguise myself as a sick girl at the hospital, then take all the money for myself!!!!!!!" exclaimed Rocket Slug X with a triumphant but evil smile across her beak.

CupcakeSlam winked at her. "Hey, maybe I could pretend ta be yo big brothah visitin' yahs at the hospitals, as long as yer willin' to split," she said.

"NO!" said Rocket Slug. "No evil. Just running."

"Fine," said both the evil penguins.

So they all entered their names and got a free pair of shoes and a matching t-shirt as well as a goody bag with a muscle magazine, Muscular Dudes Weekly, a bottle of water, a candy bar, and a Tour de Flippers-themed Snowtendo DS game.

Chapter 2: Run, Run, Run Until The Tour de Flippers Is Done![]

Everybody lined up. RS was the fifth person in line with a question. She stood in between Phineas34720 and her stepmom.

"Hey, where's CupcakeSlam and RSX?" she asked them both.

Phineas put a flipper to his beak and thought. "Cupcake was going to skip out so she could go to her rec center art class, and RSX was coughing and wheezing."

RS narrowed her eyes. "Just as I suspected."

"On your mark........." yelled the umpire, "get set......." he aimed his Frosting Pistol up high, "GO!!!!!!"




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