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Not to be confused with Treacherous Trio or Troublesome Trio.

The Pranking Trio is a pranking group similar to the Troublesome Trio, but there pranks are much less annoying. They also have different members.


  • Heyz - The founder of the group, and a friend of Gruff and Rick.
  • Gruff - A prankster himself and a nuisance, its not suprising he is the second to join.
  • Rick von Injoface - A prankster and a very big nuisance, not suprising he is in.

Honorary Members[]

  • Flywish - Gruff's owner. He himself loves pranks too.
  • Danny Bom - Rick's owner. He loves to smuggle bombs for Rick.
  • Morshu - He sells the bombs to Danny.
  • Jenni X - Gruff's best friend who helps him with his pranks.
  • HeyX - Helps them with their pranks.
  • Gregory - Jenni X's owner.

Ordaniary Members[]


  • Surray - Brother/Enemy of Gruff and also a jerk.
  • Oble - Brother of Surray and Gruff
  • Corai - Not really a victim, he just gets pranked by them a lot.
  • Artist - a prankster of evil
  • Xruff - Gruff's evil X-Antibody
  • Artist X - Same reason as Artist
  • Chuck- Father of Rick and friend of Gruff. Gruff often gets into fights when they prank him
  • Jenni - Evil puffle who they hate
  • WishFlyX- Owner of Jenni
  • Mabel -Guess why. (Fudd does not help in these pranks)


  • Troublesome Trio hates them for stealing their job
  • They want Explorer to join despite hating the troublesome trio
  • Chuck hates them. Except for Gruff.