Club Penguin Fan Universe
Is that a bird? No! It's a plane! No! It's a powerbomb!
Vital statistics
Type Bomb
Effects Stuns you and deeply hurts you
Source Bomb stores
Location Everywhere
Cost to buy 80 pebbles
Cost to sell 90 pebbles

A Powerbomb is a bomb that hurts you but can't kill you. They are often used in pranks and wars. Flywish was the one who created this weapon.


One day, a fuseless bomb sat on the ground lying. Flywish was walking by and picked the bomb up and decided it's time he made a new weapon. He took it to G. G said he should call it the Powerbomb and he filled the bomb with Ditto B. He then put a fuse on it and made copies of it. Flywish said he could light it since he's immune to all types of Ditto. It exploded and G was stunned after the ashes wore off. Flywish knew it had worked. He then started storing them in his army's weapon closet. WishFlyX got ahold of some of them and they stored them away. Flywish was mildly angered but knew he had enough. He decided to use them in any war he needed to use them in. So he used them in Great Wishing Hun Conflict. He also gave some to Pranking Trio so they could stun their victims causing them to be able the splatter them with as many pies as they could. They would remain stunned for about 8 minutes. Usually, when they wake up, they would usually have their beak crooked.


How to make one[]

  1. Grab a fuseless bomb and take it to G
  2. Fill it with Ditto B
  3. put a cap on it
  4. put a fuse on it and you are ready to use it


  • They are based on a Powerbomb, a wrestling move.
  • Flywish has stunned half of Ben Hun's men with Powerbombs.
  • They are used for pranks.

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