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Power Emeralds
Power Emeralds image
The 5 Power Emeralds.
Vital statistics
Type Emeralds
Effects Different powers for each one.
Source Unknown
Location Fire Island
Cost to buy PRICELESS
Cost to sell AS ABOVE

Not to be confused with the destruction gems.

The power emeralds are 5 emeralds located under Fire Island. They all have different effects that are all very powerful. They are similar to The Elemental Amulets and the CyberGemz but among them, they are only the third most powerful.


  • Neon Emerald: Neon power
  • Amethyst Emerald: Night power
  • Fire Emerald: Fire power
  • Sea Emerald: Water power

Keepers and creators[]




  • Each of them is a different color.
  • There is no day power even though there IS a night power.
  • A person will turn into their ultra form if they possess all 5.

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