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Pop Cat
File:Pop cat regular.png
Average apearence
Vital statistics
Title Water Prince Pop Cat
Gender Male
Race Bubblantian
Faction Water Ninja
Health Quite well indeed
Level 68
Status Learning Card Jitsu Fire... you know in case the snow ninjas attack and totally not to impress a certain fire princess
Location Club Penguin Island

Pop Cat is a friendly penguin who lives in Club Penguin. He is a Water Ninja. He has the ability to manipulate water due to being the only Bubblantian left.


Long ago, in the lost kingdom of Bubblantis, Pop Cat lived as the Water Prince for 2 years. But one day, pirates raided Bubblantis for the infamous Bubblantian Drought. Pop Cat's mom and dad sent him away in a bubble to protect him from the pirates. He landed on the Club Penguin Island. Gary noticed him and put him in a special nursery. When Pop Cat was 5, he went to kindergarten and other grades after. Pop Cat had his own igloo at only 9. AND HE DIDN'T NEED TO PAY FOR IT!!! Without knowing his mom or dad, Pop Cat had to fend for himself his whole life. 7 years passed and he found his ability to manipulate water. He used it in Card-Jitsu battles. Water Sensei noticed his talent and crowned him the Water Prince. Looks like we reached the present day!

Pop chick

In his chick years. AWW!


He guides the Water Ninjas at wars.

File:Pop cat prince.png

Pop Cat as the Water Prince


  • Blasted snow ninjas


  • Fire Ninjas
  • Black DJ
  • Him and fire ninjas are frenemies. When at peace, they are friends, but when at war, they are enemies
  • He likes fire ninjas more than snow ninjas


  • Snow Ninjas
  • X-Antibodies


  • Hat Pop Got over it
  • [censored until end of this]


File:Popcat online.png

Pop Cat on Club Penguin

  • He is 17 years old in penguin years.
  • Like Flywish's, Pop Cat's hair is real.
  • He has 10 puffles.
  • He had MANY jobs.
  • When he is not working, he dances, draws, or plays Card-Jitsu Water.
  • He is in a band named Fist Powah. He plays drums and occasionally guitar.
  • To improve his skills, Water Sensei says he should meditate every day. However, if there is even one chick peep, he will fall to the ground.
  • Pop Cats great great great great great great GREAT grandfather is related to a ninja who is related to a water ninja who is related to Water Sensei making Pop Cat a inherited Water Ninja.
  • Many people think "Cat" is his last name. It is part of his first name, however.
    • He also doesn't have a middle or last name, but everyone in Bubblantis had a unique name except Pop Cat's dad and grandfather...their names were also Pop Cat!
  • He is jealous of King Triskelle for obtaining the Water Amulet
  • Like everyone in Bubblantis, he can speak through telepathy. But most of the time, only people that also can speak through telepathy can hear him
  • You can usually find him on the server Alaska
  • His shell necklace was given to him by his parents as a baby

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