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Pontrier JRC700
Vital statistics
Type Jet Aircraft
Effects none
Source Pontrier Transport Company
Location none
Cost to buy 26,800,980
Cost to sell none

In 2007, to help increase the short-haul airline business, a team of seven aircraft engineers, Sancho Monte Captio, Mirabelle Missel, Ernie Debert, Matt Ondeflo, Kanya Feeylit and Jack Emup were sent by Pontrier to research on short-haul aircraft, which was a first at it's time. It is currently the best-selling short-haul aircraft in the buisness. It's first flight was on April 17, 2008 and was first delivered to a customer on July 5, 2009.


The aircraft can reach of to speeds of 838 km/h or about 547 mph. The aircraft can travel up to 3,773, perfect for inter-city, short haul travel across the continent. The aircraft can seat about 75 penguins and 4 crew, (2 pilots, 2 flight attendants). The aircraft is very fuel efficient,one of the greenest in the country. It has been given GreenAndGo Seal by the EcoGroup and The Best Aircraft 2008. It can reach up to 41,000 ft in service celing. It has two GE X-12 engines (custom made for short haul jets). Two airlines operate this aircraft, MammothConnection and CP Airways.


Comparable Aircraft include:

  • Labraer 145, less fuel efficient, very small
  • Dash 7, very old, last built in 1983.

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