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Rrzeczpospolita Polska
The Great Republic of Poleland
It collapsed, as the last ruler of it, became a king of two kingdoms - Water and Ice.
Khanzem image
1913 – 1943 Olde Antarctica Flag

Flag of Poleland

Location of Poleland
The territory of Poleland, at its' Golden Years.
Capital Warsaw
Language(s) Polelish
Government Monarchy
'The Premiere of Poleland'
 - 1912 - 1923
- 1925 - 1930
Jozef Pilsudzki
 - 1930 - 1937 Ignacy Moscicki
 - 1938 - 1942 Pawel Moscicki
Historical era Neighbouring to Khanzem and Snowman Empire
 - The first Premiere - Jozef Pilsudzki December, 1912
 - Forming of the new, unique kingdom. March, 1913
 - Building the country 1913-1915
 - Under Khanzem control. 1923-1925
 - Gold Years 1925-1935
 - Final split 1943
 - Split between Water and Ice kingdoms. 1943
 - Final crush of Poleland 29th of August, 1943
Currency Złoty
Today part of Trans-Antarctica, Antarctic Peninsula
The Polelish are still the ethnic groups in these states. Some of them reside in New North Etana, too!
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Poleland was a small country in Antarctica. It was a neighbouring country to many empires, and traded goods with them.


In the late days of the High Penguin Confederacy, in 1912 a group of penguins formed a small country in the territories of Lamecque and Ard Mhacha. It wanted to gain full independence. It became a sovereign country in March, 1913. The country was organised very quickly, as it had to be prepared in case of attack from the states. It was created from very precios territories of these "parts", and they wanted to get them back. The conflict ended in 1915, when Poleland's army won fights with the Penguin Confederacy guys. When the Khanzem established, in 1918 - Poleland had live in the shadow of the empire. Finally, Whoot Smackler Whoot conquered the country. But it got the independence in two years. Then, until the collapse of Khanzem, Poleland became allies of it. When the Snowman Empire established itself, Poleland started co-operation with it. But when anarchy started in this country, Poleland conquered some of its' territories. This was the time called Golden Years, when it became a great empire. Some of the people from Snowman Empire emigrated there to find a safer place to live. The last years of Poleland, were the years, when Olde Antarctica rose up. Many penguins got to other ingdoms, and the population got decreased. Finally, the Premiere became the king of the stronger Water Kingdom, and he sold some territories to Ice Kingdom, and the rest kept for his kingdom. In 1943, the kingdom didn't exist anymore.

The government[]

The first leader of these grounds was Jozef Pilsudzki. He, as an important person in Ard Mhacha, approved creation of the Polelish nation. He ruled the kingdom for a long time. He was a good ruler. In his tasks was: building the country, etc. This wasn't easy, when you have to fight. But he managed to do this. He ruled the country after Khanzem anexation, too. After he died, his son-in-law - Ignacy Moscicki became the Premiere. He led the country to empire status, and he is recognised further, then his father-in-law. When he died, the Golden Years ended, and Pawel Moscicki became the ruler. He was neither a bad or good ruler. Although he isn't recgonised as a good ruler, because he led the country to collapse. He was later the king of The Water Kingdom. He is still alive today, and he loves playing chess with his mate - Whoot Smackler Whoot.


Poleland has been influenced by the High penguins, and have made great art, buildings, and other stuff.