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City of Polaris
The Flag of Polaris
Country United States of Antarctica
Area Greater Polaris Area, Eastshield
Monuments Polaris Memorial, Greenfield Park
Headquarters City Hall of Polaris
Neighbourhoods Downtown,Harborfront, Polaris Point, Greenfield, Pachina Bay, Fort Polaris
Mayor Sancho Monte Captio
Population 5,528,063
- rank by 2009: 4
Inhabited species Penguins, polar bears (immigrant), suffles, many others
General information
Native name City of Polaris
Foreign name Civitas de Polaris
Demonym Polarians
Founded January 5,2000
- founder Sancho Monte Captio
Time zone Eastshield Standard Time
- summer Eastshield Daylight Time
Area codes 294,588,248,




The city is surronded by small mountains, making the city a prime location for snowfall, and is one of the most popular ski areas in the country. The city also has many beaches, making it also a prime tourist destination year-round. Polaris is actually built on a small island that is 23.3 sq. miles in area, and makes up the Downtown core of the city. The island is connected to the mainland by three bridges.The mainland areas, are also secondary downtown area, known as the Emperor District, as the site was formerly an Emperor Penguin neighborhood. To the east lies Air Force Island,which holds a naval base and a air base, which is known as Fort Polaris, which protects the harbor of Polaris, and is a primary base for the USA Navy and the USA Air Force. To the west of the Downtown Island is the Airport Island, which contains Polaris-City International Airport, one of the largest airports in the country. It is connected to the city via the John H. Chan Bridge, which is utilized as a rail and road connection to the main expressway in the city.




The Architecture of the city mainly comprises of international and modern style buildings, mainly constructed of glass and metal, which is seen mostly in the Downtown Island and the Emperor District. The most notable structure in the city is the SkyJet Tower, which is a 1,332 foot high skyscraper, which serves as the secondary headquarters of SkyJet Airways. The city also has approximately 3,456 buildings in the city with a height over 500 meters. One of the most prominent structures in the city is the Kristal Cathedral, which is a Governance Tentacle,and is also an Opera House, which is home to many musicals and operas.


There are many neighborhoods in the city of Polaris, mainly ethnic neighborhoods, such as Little Mabila, and Asaina Village, which is one of the largest in the country.The city is renowned for it's ethnic neighborhoods, mainly located on the mainland districts of the city. One of the oldest neighborhoods in the city is the Palace Gardens community, which was originally the settlement of Polaris in 2000, when the city was founded by Sancho Monte Captio.






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  • a monster in the Tokazilla TV Show is named Polaris.

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