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The Polar Bear Resistance Ring is a wannabe-Walrus Crime Ring group that consists of penguins. NOT POLAR BEARS. Penguins. They are mad at those who dislike Polar Bears and plan to destroy them. The PBRR 's true intention is to make themselves infamous, although many laugh them off as a threat. The PBRR even hold its meetings at a treehouse, which is considered to be extremely childish play.

PBRR is divided into many departments, most of them include finding out strategic ways to gain themselves attention. Other departments include working on the current plan. The current team leader is Pbrrstedo208.


Although not one of the infamous of the infamous, the Walrus Crime Ring gained itself attention by hacking into computer networks and the Club Penguin Weekee. Several penguins, including current team leader Pbrrstedo208, wanted to be like them. Pbrrstedo208 started a website known as 'Walrus Wannabes', and gained 30 members.

Pbrr later posted a forum trend titled 'Walrus-Wannabes Dream Come True!', in which Pbrr discusses how to be like the Walrus Crime Ring. After reading suggestions, he came up with a brilliant idea. He decided to set up his own ring, but not just a ring, a ring that tries to attract as much attention as possible instead of hidden in the dark. The members agreed, and they were all summoned by Pbrr to go to a very big warehouse. Pbrr pasted a sign there that reads 'WE ARE BAD!'

That was how it started. In August 2008.


They are just involved in destroying the world?



  • Department of Walrus Master (Pbrr's office)
  • Department of Attention Span and Ridicule (mainly on researching the behavior of a penguin that could help in attracting attention)
  • Department of Applying Archives (mainly on researching archives that could help them in attracting attention)
  • Department of Maintaining Quality (mainly on structuring the group's quality and finding the best quality of attention?)
  • Department of Solids and Liquids (mainly on researching items that could be used to attract attention)
    • Department of Shiny Rays (mainly on researching the shiniest things in the world)
  • Department of Attention Span and Timing (mainly on researching.... I don't care anymore!)
  • Department of Explosives and Harmful Objects (I take that back. The comment above. Yeah, I don't care anymore THEN but now I do.)
  • Department of Disgustcion (Disgust and Discussion merged)
  • Department of Hypmotization (Hypmotize)
  • Department of Focus (focusing on current plan)


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