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Poetry Mist
Poetry Mist image
The building where poetry happens.
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Vital statistics
Type Poetry Building
Level Unknown
Location Misty Island
Inhabitants Penguins who do poetry...what do you expect?!

Poetry Mist is a poetry building where from chicks, to puffles, to str00dles can do poetry.


It was started by a yellow puffle with a director hat who thought that acting wasn't as expressinal enough. Be warned when you find out who that yellow puffle is...


You can go to the food court, which is on the top floor, or you could go to the daycare/pre school found on the floor below the food court. All the other floors have stages for penguins to do poetry on.

Penguins Who Did Poetry[]

  • Jessica, and hers was the most surprizing. Her entire voice changed when she did this poem. And it went something like this...

thumb|300px|right|Many penguins cried out of fear when they heared this, one of them was Gary. Add your penguin!


Penguins, chicks, puffles, maybe even Str00dels...


Str00dles come here. Yet they are banned from the daycare.


Slushies, pizza, entertainment, you know the works.

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