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Plumpkin Meteor
The Plumpkin Meteor (close up) as photographed by a satellite before impact. Image courtesy™, and to Dan Haskell.
Vital statistics
Type Strange radioactive meteorite
Effects Causes Halloween-Related Phenomena
Source Outer Space/Fourth Wall
Location Elinz Plateau
Cost to buy Priceless
Cost to sell Priceless

During the Halloween of 2009, a meteor that looked like a large pumpkin smashed into the surface of the USA. Upon impact, the sky turned completely black with only light being stars and and the moon. Its effects caused pumpkins to grow all over the USA, the Southern Lights could be seen, it was raining candy, and a large number of puffles turned into Puffle Pumpkins. It truly was quite spooky.


The Plumpkin Meteor has been confirmed to be a piece of the Fourth Wall, colored orange by extreme heat from re-entry. The Fourth Wall is liable to eject small peices from time to time, all of which can mess with the universe. This particular piece causes Halloween-related phenomena to happen.

Supposedly, the Plumpkin Meteor is an orange-colored iron meteorite that is hollow on the inside. Strange holes that resemble features of a jack-o-lantern were etched into its face. Flames somehow manifested themselves within and formed a dramatic streaking tail, even though the entire item heated uniformly when it was entering the earth's atmosphere. The meteorite may have been artificial, created and "carved" by extraterrestrials before being sent to Antarctica to unleash its powerful magic.

The event[]

Witnesses reported seeing a "mighty fireball" soaring through the sky. From there, the fireball dipped below the horizon and hit an area near the Itinerod's Elinz Plateau. The collision sent shockwaves all over the place, even though the meteor was not large at all. Huge pumpkins mysteriously sprang up on the Plateu, and auroras began flashing in the sky. Candy also began to multiply itself, flooding jars and boxes. Strange things began to occur, and Weegee found an escape from the BOF thanks to the impact. He returned to the BOF after Halloween night.


  • It hit on Halloween Night.
  • The impact Crater glows Orange and Black, probably because of its Halloween effects.
  • Mayor McFlapp has reported that doinkometer readings indicate that another piece of the Fourth Wall may be ejected in late December, around Christmas time.
  • It may have been alive or sentient, although this can never be proven, as the Pumpkin Meteor was vaporized on impact.

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