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The hill

The Plaza is an entertainment center in Club Penguin Island, located east of the Snow Forts and situated on top of a large hill named Plaza Hill.

Pet Shop[]

The Pet Shop is the island's sole pet shop, where (more feral) puffles can be bought. Employees are often seen around the shop, giving advice on how to take care of your puffle. Puffle furniture can also be bought here, and a veterinarian's clinic is located behind the building. Unfortunately, the Pet Shop ends up being taken over by those evil little things who want to be adopted. The Plaza also was full of penguins for 3 days after Raven took over the Pet Shop and the other two places were full and there was only Raven in the Pet Shop.

The Stage[]

The Stage is the room on Club Penguin Island where monthly plays are held and are acted out by penguins. The Stage also gets encores from previous plays from time-to-time as well. There is a catalog there as well where you can buy costumes for the play. It also holds the Penguin Play Awards. It also has many plays that many penguins like. Some Mwa Mwas come in and either play with the buttons or climb up places and cause trouble just to be "cute". The Mwa Mwas end up either being tortured to go back in the Pet Shop or get arrested if they cause the Stage to explode or catch on fire.

Pizza Parlor[]

The Pizza Parlor is the only place on Club Penguin Island where you can eat Pizza. It is owned and operated by a small-time business owner, and is considered superior to Pizza7. You could use the Pizzatron 3000 there, which is hosted by G. The operator is pleased with this contraction as they do not need to buy it at all, just pay the penguins who used it. Many penguins go on dates there or just eat all the pizza they can and then get fat. Money Plaza is also hidden behind a crack in the wall here.


Main Article: Cave
The Cave is part of the Underground, but as it is under the hill which the Plaza is on, it is part of the Plaza, too. It holds a swimming pool which is soothing because the temperature of the water is 5 degrees higher than that of the ocean.


  • The hill is very high and rather steep, making it hard to climb, so most penguins prefer to teleport or take the escalator.
  • Most Mwa Mwa Penguins are here.

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