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Pizza Puffle, real name, Raiku
"You want a pizza? I'll fix it up for you!"
Vital statistics
Title Pizza Puffle.
Gender Male
Race Blue Puffle
Faction Pizza Penguin
Health Absolutely PERFECT!
Level High
Status Helping make Pizzas.
Location Pizza Parlor, Pizza penguin's igloo.

Pizza Puffle, is pizza penguin's helper. He is a waiter, janitor, and cook at Pizza's restaurant.


Around when Emily von Injoface was in the advertisement business, Pizza Puffle was adopted. He spent most of his childhood making pizza and taking orders. H loved his owner very much. One day, his owner took him to a studio to make a commercial for his restaurant. There, Pizza Penguin met Emily. They became close friends and agreed to become sweethearts. However, Mabel XVIII didn't approve and made sure that Emily and Raiku wouldn't continue to interact.

This made Pizza Puffle sad, and he had a herd time working in the restaurant. Years passed and his condition worsened. Pizza Penguin thought that Pizza Puffle was lonely, so he went to the pet shop to give Raiku a companion. Out of luck, he adopted Emily.

Emily and Raiku were happy to see each other again, but decided that they haven't seen each other for too long, and so much has changed for them to become sweethearts. Emily and Pizza Puffle are still friends and she is currently trying to make him more popular.



  • He doesn't always wear his small pizza chef hat, sometimes he wears a hat he bought from the gift shop.
  • Despite not being popular, he is Emily's third best friend. Eva and Elizabeth also manage to get along.
  • He can make 150 pizzas in 16.32 minutes
  • He rarely eats puffle food, he prefers organic foods, like O-Berrys.
  • He fights for the side of good.
  • Being a green puffle, he constantly juggles balls. He uses his unicicle to go to table to table to take orders.
    • He also plays with bowling pins, bubbles, and others toys.
  • He can talk.
  • He can ignite his flame sack into a black fire.


"Ok, Ok, squid pizza extra cheese............*scribbles it down*"

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