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Pingus Khan
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Vital statistics
Type Restaurant
Level Dunno.
Location Pengolia and Trans-Antarctica
Inhabitants See Below.

Pingus Khan is a restaurant, parody of Penghis Khan. Yes, and, it was not to spite him nor to praise him. It's just a parody, built in early 2009 by serveral Khanz


In the early days of 2009, five Khanz, officialy dubbed as the Restaurant Khanz, wanted to draw a line between Burger Khan, McDoodle's and EFF, with many other restaurants. They wanted to make a restaurant, enough to attract more penguins from the other restaurants. Thus, it came about, with Penghis Khan's name as the headline changed from "Penghis" to "Pingus" ("h" cancelled and replaced with an "I" at the front). They built a branch at the capital (which there is not one), and are going on to Trans-Antarctica. So far, they only fed 250 000 penguins estimated, with no overlaps.



There are only two branches. They are:

  • Pengolia
    • Capital Unknown
      • Near the palace, around the shopping dock area. They serve three quarters of total customers in all branches.
      • Outer side, near to the Dock/Ferry Station


They are going to build one domestically at Trans-Antarctica's Pengu Town. They are also going to build one at Freezeland and Eastshield's Snowville by 2010.



  • Owner-Bulour Movous

Pengolia Unit[]

  • Manager- Bulour Movous
  • Cashier 1- Gurley Movous
  • Cashier 2- ???
  • Cashier 3- Associate
  • Food Preparer 1- ???
  • Food Preparer 2- Associate
  • Food Preparer 3- Associate
  • Waiter 1- ???
  • Waiter 2- Associate
  • Waiter 3- Associate


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