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An explosion from the disaster. Note that the explosion is blue, the color that Ditto burns in, and that the nearby mountains have been discolored orange due to the sheer force of the blast.

The Pingko Ditto Disaster was a terrible Ditto explosion in which the only Ditto Research Plant in the USA exploded. DITTO!

It is currently being cleaned up by the Ditto Clean Up Crew.

The Event[]

Sometime in early 2010, the Pingko Ditto Research Plant in Trans-Antarctica had a problem, which caused a major explosion, thus releasing a great amounts of Ditto all over the place. The nearby town of Pingko had to evacuate. Fortunately, nobody was hurt or frozen like statues.

As of April, no one is yet to inhabit the town currently.

The Cause[]

Ironically, the Ditto Disaster was caused by two employees in the research area. They decided to have a Card-Jitsu battle right there in the plant. In the middle of the game, one employee accidentally squeezed hot sauce all over a vat of Ditto A (which happens to be highly flammable). KABLOOKA!!!

A few minutes later, Ditto A vapor was leaking out all over the plant, stunning all who inhaled it. In just 20 seconds, the vapor had reached the storage room for Ditto B, which was on the other side of the mile-long building! The sheer force of the rushing vapor actually broke the glass vats holding the Ditto B, and it carried them all over the room. The Ditto B leaked out and somehow got into the heating system, causing the plant to blow up in several places.

The Ditto Clean Up Crew later carted the "statues" paralyzed by Ditto A to be treated with orange juice. They turned out okay. Only one penguin was injured (see Trivia).


The event released massive amounts of Ditto A and B all over the area. The nearby town of Pingko had to evacuate. The town still has not been reinhabited yet as of now. In June 2010, Pingko joined the South Pole Council with Icmer In Nyc as its delegate and mayor, though he does not live or was born from the area. He is now discussing the rebuilding of the town.


  • This is a (clean) parody of the Chernobyl Disaster.
  • The worst injury here was a paper cut.

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