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Pingali Moi
Pingali Moi image
Pingali Moi - A stupid and chubby bunny penguin.
Vital statistics
Title Pingali Moi, or Ping/Moi for short
Gender F/Female/Girl/女
Race Chinstrap Penguin
Faction Sysop in a foreign dimension
Health 100%
Level Unknown
Status Daydreaming
Location Club Penguin Island

Pingali Moi(企鵝Pinga的粉絲) is a bunny-ears-wearing Chinstrap Penguin. She likes following Hat Pop's costume. She has a relative who doesn't follow the penguins in CP.

Pingali Moi (CPW Statistics)
Sysop on the CPW
CoronationApril 2009
Full namePingali Moi
TitlesChef of the her restaurant, Moi Bistro(who cook meals for other penguins)
BornJune 25th, 2008.
BirthplaceCPSAR (Club Penguin Special Adminitrative Region)
Died咩話?! 我呸!
Place of death咩話?! 我呸!
Buried咩話?! 我呸!
PredecessorSharkbate: promoted Pingali Moi to sysop


Pingali Moi does not have parents. She just showed up at an Adoption Center. How was she hatched? It's still a mystery, but the Masters have come up with the answer.

Sometimes objects moving faster than the speed of light, at very improbable speeds, temporarily break the meta-fictional rift between the CPFW universe and other universes in the Holy Wikia. Rarely, the rift will stay open for more than one second and suck something from the other universe back into the CPFW. Around the time the chick Pingali Moi showed up, Director Benny detected a connection between the CPFW and something called the CP Wiki. It is believed Pingali is a native of this "CP Wiki".


Normal. Although she is a girl, she sledom wears a wig because she hate wigs.

BEST friends[]


  • Coffee waiter
  • Chef
  • ??????


(Bubble trapped Pingali Moi into a HUGE bubble)
Pingali Moi:Hey! How dare you trap me into a bubble again and again?! Let me go!!
Pingali Moi:Wait a second...Yikes! This bubble is sooooooooooooooo sticky!!!!!!
Bubble:Cuz I used bubble gum to blow this bubble! Hahahaha!!!


  • She has a purple puffle named Bubble, who likes to trap her master into a bubble.
  • In June 2009, she turned her house into a disco.
  • No one call her "Moi" but "Ping" or Pingali" in CPW
  • Apparently her sub-species is a variant of Emperor Penguin that has the urge to dress like Hat Pop and speaks Chinese, a language used in MAI.
  • Unlike Hat Pop, she won't use the golden wheel pin because she doesn't have.

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