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Pie Tank
Pie Tank
A large Pie Tank
Vital statistics
Type Weapon that runs on pies
Effects Fires Pies over long distances
Source Pies
Location PBJT Valley
Cost to buy 50,000 (only available to penguins fighting in the pie war)
Cost to sell Not allowed to sell (we can't risk Mabel getting one)

The Pie Tank is a large weapon that is used in The Great Darktonian Pie War. It can shoot pies farther than a Penguin, or Puffle can throw wich makes it rather useful in battle, especially when loaded with Oxipie. Each one bears the USA flag.


Soon after the contruction of the Banana Blaster and Fruit Blaster, G decided to invent a machine that could send a Pie across all of PBJT Valley. He origionally planned for it to be a simple, hand-held blaster like his first two inventions, but he couldn't fit all the gadgets that would be needed to make it work into it. The finaly result was a huge machine the size of a Train. It has been used during the War since. It is not fatal, but it has the ability to knock over several of Darktan's minions.


  • Built in speakers
  • Free Snowtendo DS included
  • Emergency Kaboom Supply
  • Puffle Seat


  • Before it was used in the Pie War, G had it advertised on TV. The advertiser was none other than Billy Mays.
  • Manny Peng is scared of these weapons as penguins usually fire pies at him with it.

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