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Phycic the Penguin
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Vital statistics
Title Future Penguin or Phycic Penguin or Telekinetic Penguin or something similar.
Gender Male
Race Penguin
Faction Future Penguin
Health Good
Level 1000
Status Searching for "The Willy Trigger"
Location Ternville

Phycic the Penguin is a penguin from the future. He wears black and green boots with a sapphire in the heel, and is colored Silver.


His background is shrouded in mystery, as it is the future. He is from the year 2019. His father/mother are unknown. Though it has been confirmed that he was not supposed to exist, but instead when Willy's Displeasing Choice ended, the Bureau of Fiction had an error,causing Phycic to pop up into existance, thinking that the whole thing actually happened.


Phycic came from the future of the USA, from 2019. He warned that Willie would take over clubpenguin in the future, but could not return because he used all his energy getting there. He tracks down a penguin known as "the Willie Trigger", but no-one is sure who that is.

Interactions with other characters[]

E-114: Constantly calls him The Willie Trigger and then tackles him.

Tails6000: Also calls him the Willie Trigger.

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Phycic: Its the Willie Trigger! (Points at E-114)

E-114: Uhh... (Gets tackled)

Phycic: I will save the Future!

E-114: Get off of me!

Phycic: Not until you promise not to knock out the Power Cell!

E-114: The power cell...?

Phycic: Its the Willie Trigger! (Points at Tails6000)

Tails6000: Not him again!


  • He is a parody of Silver the Hedgehog
  • He is from the Future
  • He is taught in the rare art of penguinforce, where the penguin using it can move stuff with there mind, similar to telekinesis of puffles.

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