Club Penguin Fan Universe
Phiner El Marchi
Vital statistics
Race Adeilie penguin
Faction Himself
Health Great!
Status Loving puffles!
Location Club Penguin

Phiner was born on a bright and shiny day with no clouds in the sky, Phiner was one of the nicest boys in his neighborhood and everyone liked him. Even jerks didnt bully him because he was so friendly to them! Though some people depsise him and torture him at any chance they get. Phiner is also the main target of several pranksters.


He plays with his 3 puffles and hangs out with his friends. Strangley everyone crowds around him and wants to be his friend most of the time, which ends up with him crying and/or running away A LOT. He is now 4 and has 3 puffles, somehow he has enough money to feed, care, and bathe them daily.


  • He loves puffles
  • His 3 puffle softend prank him!
  • He is a main target of torture of most groups that torture people
    • Hes also a main target of pranksters! (Only really mean ones though)
  • He has 2 friends, both girls, Isa and Bella


  • Pneguin Micro could beat him up if they ever got in a fight. (0_0)
  • He gets pranked A LOT.
  • He Thinks Mabel is ADOREABLE! But hes terrified of her.
  • He doesnt know how to throw snowballs.
  • He gets hurt Very very Very easily.
  • He cries A LOT
  • His 3 puffles are kinda so so when it coems to pranking and being nice to.
    • His puffles once put him in a Bubble and sent him into the sky before!

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