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Philawind International Airport
Vital statistics
Name Philawind International Airport
Native name Philawind International Airport
AATA code {{{aata}}}
Type of airport International Airport
Hub for Frosian Airwaves
Owned/Operated by Guymed Airports Authority
Serves Philawind
Location Hillsborough, Philawind
Runway Runway 5R/23L (10,000 ft.) (Asphalt)
Runway Runway 5L/23R (9,000 ft.) (Asphalt)

Philawind International Airport (ACAO Code: PLW) is the main international airport serving Philawind, and the FRG. The airport has two runways, Runway 5/23L, and Runway5/23R. The airport has two terminals, an international and a domestic terminal. The airport is located 9 miles off the coast of Philawind, on an artificial island, connected by a rail and car tunnels which provide direct service to the city. The airport also is the main hub for Frosian Airwaves, and currently is served by 6 other airlines as well. Runway 5/23L is 11,000 feet long, and Runway 5/23R is 9,000 feet long.


International Terminal[]

Domestic Terminal[]


The airport has two terminals, the International Terminal and the Domestic Terminal, the International Terminal operates only international flights, and has 17 gates.The domestic terminal is used for domestic inter-island charters operated by Frosian Airwaves.The airport has two runways, Runway 5L/23R (7,500 ft. ) and Runway 5R/23L (11, 452 ft.). The airport offers more than 17 across the continent. There are 7 airlines currently serving the airport. The airport is serviced by the Guymed Border Patrol and Customs services as well as the country's transportation officers too. The airport is also a popular hub for general aviation, due to the lack of airports in the country.

Ground Transportation[]

The airport is home to a train station, located in the International Terminal, and is serviced by Frosian Railways, with direct services to the main island. There is car rental, bus and pick-up and drop-off locations along the Terminal Access and Second Terminal Access Roads. The airport also is serviced by many hotel shuttles as well. Taxis are also present at the airport's Ground Transportation Station, where most buses, and taxies arrive, and is located at the airport's International Terminal as well.

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