People's Republic of Falcutia
Falcutia Flag
Motto"To victory,comrades!"
AnthemThe Internationale
Royal anthemThe Internationale
National Symbol
Hammer and Sickle,Rose
People's Republic of Falcutia Map
2008 Geographical map of Falcutia
Largest Province Exile Province
Official languages English,Russian,Falcutian
Recognised regional languages Russian,Falcutian
Native Language Falcutian
Species  Falcutian Penguins
Demonym Falcede
Government Social democratic parliamentary multiparty constitutional republic
 -  People's Representative Johnstone Daguerez
 -  The People Falcede populace
De Facto
 -  1928 August Revolution August 12,1928 
 -  Establishment of PRoF August 15,1928 
 -  Establishment of the USDN August 25,1928 
 -  Land Area 254,291 km2 (32nd)
98,182 sq mi 
 -  Water (%) 20%
 -  Water Area 50858.2 km2
 -  2014 estimate 3,500,000 
 -  1990 census 15,000 
 -  Density 700/km2 
1,813/sq mi
Currency Falcutian Lambda (λ)
Drives on the Left
Calling code +91

Falcutia(pronounced as 'FAHL-KOO-SHAH'),officially the People's Republic of Falcutia is an island nation located in the southwestern end of the Republic of Falcutia.It shares maritime borders with the Republic of Aerothias and the Republic of Falcutia.It is a liberal country,opposing any forms of authoritarianism and social conservatism.It has a nordic-style welfare system which unfortunately sapped 35% of it's GDP.

The island was founded back in the Old Days by penguins who migrated from Club Penguin.