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Vital statistics
Type unofficial corrupt city
Level -400
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Penjuana is a city located on the tip of the Mainland Antarctic Peninsula.


When Swiss Ninja colonized Tierra del Fuego, many poor penguins who were not from Maggiore, wanted to one by one sneak to Tierra Del Fuego for a new life. They settled by the tip of the Mainland Antarctic Peninsula, so they could take a small boat made by themselves to illegally smuggle themselves into the land. Unfortunately, the boat broke by the first attempt, so the penguins had no choice but to live there. They built most of their houses out of stone and painted them in bright colors. some penguins were so poor, that they were only able to make a small shelter out of driftwood and scraps of metal. These penguins hate rich and normal penguins. If a penguin like Explorer or Swiss Ninja walked into that city, they would have their money stolen and would be captured and thrown in a crude jail, or they are more likely to become slaves. Sometimes, you can get can luck and all they will do is wack and insult you and send you back home by yourself. Better than being a slave. Today, it is not lucky. Better not go on vacation there.