Pengyboo Village
Pengyboo main image
Pengyboo Village from an Aerial view.
Pengyboo main map
The Map of Pengyboo Village.
Vital statistics
Type Village
Level none
Location Pengydeen
Inhabitants Penguins, puffles.

Pengyboo Village is a part of the Islands on the Pengydeen chain. Red Puffles are also Bred here, So you can have a Red Puffle as your pet. Once a year, every year, on September 15th, Everybody on Pengyboo Village Celebrates Pengybroon, Pengybroon is when The Guardian Island came to Pengyboo, The guardian island protects Pengyboo Village from any intruders. You must have a PBPP (Pengyboo Penguin Pass)to get into Pengyboo Village.


Pengyboo Village was founded by Metalmanager Pengyboo on the 18th January 2007, While he was sailing looking for Puffles on Islands, since Red Puffles come from Rockhopper Island, Metalmanager thought he would go out to look for more Rare Puffles, instead, he found Pengyboo Village, which was just a huge pile of snow on top of water. Once Metalmanager Found Pengyboo village, he told all of his friends, and they all came to live there. Then, Red Puffles were found in the sea a few miles away from Pengyboo Village, Metalmanager sent a rescue team to get them.

In 2006 when J made an Experiment to help penguins climb walls, the creature escaped and started stealing from the shops on this island, Metal Force are currently searching for him.


Pengyboo Village has 6 locations:

  • 1 is Pengyboo main
  • 2 is Pengyboo Play Park
  • 3 is Pengyboo Guardian Island
  • 4 is Pengyboo Leaving point
  • 5 is Pengyboo Beach
  • 6 is Pengyboo Swimming area.

You can see them all on the map.


  • Lets start with Pengyboo Main. At Pengyboo Main there is a Pet shop which sells all the Red Puffles, Also there is a computer store, which sells Computers, Laptops and Computer Hardware.
  • Moving on to Pengyboo Play Park, Here at Pengyboo Play Park, There are many things for Child Penguins to do. There is a few swings, a running course thing, a climbing frame and a Football Pitch.
  • Now we have Pengyboo Guardian island, At Pengyboo Guardian Island, There are Floan Penguins which guard the island.
  • At Pengyboo Airport, commercial flights arrive daily, brining penguins to the island
  • Now lets talk about Pengyboo Beach which is right next to where the water goes underneath Pengyboo island, Here you can Go Fishing at the edge of the snow. also the snow is thick so you can have snowball fights.
  • And finally, Pengyboo Swimming area, Here you can go Swimming, just be sure not to go past the Barrier.


Penguins, Red Puffles and Fish.


Snow Wolves, Crabs and Sharks.


Here you can get Fish at the beach, Red Puffle Food at the Main and Snacks at the Leaving Point.

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