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Vital statistics
Type Medium-sized port
Level 70
Location Northwest of South Pole City
Inhabitants Penguins, puffles

Penguville is a mid-sized port town in Eastshield. Located in the peaceful northern Eastshield, straight north-west from South Pole City, usually has no conflicts. Since created, serves as a port. Many penguins moved there due to quick growth of the city. It is in the five biggest cities in Eastshield State, and still growing bigger.


Penguville was founded in 2003, after the USA was founded. It became famous for its vast quantities of grey fish, which were used as ingredients in their famous "Spicy Seafood Combo". When Penguville opened its ferry to Club Penguin, thousands of penguins poured into the city. It is now a major seafood-trading port city. The ferry is now not the only, but the biggest one to Club Penguin. The ferry to the Warmslates opened as well.


  • Western Pier is a small dock where many immigrants came through in 2003, a museum now.
  • Princeville is the original settlement of the city, now a historic village
  • Red Rock Lighthouse is a large light house near the Western Pier, it stands at 239 ft. tall.
  • Oakwood Street is the financial sector of the city
  • Alpha Beach is a eight mile long beach, very pleasant
  • Gamma Point is a very popular fishing spot, hosts the USA Fishing Tournaments every year,
  • Penguville Regional Airport is a small airport in the city,


Penguins, penguin sailors. Puffles, are the inhabitants as well. The city's population is quickly growing bigger.


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