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Penguins and Sons
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Penguins & Sons or Penguins and Sons is a popular pizzeria in the USA. It is known for having healthy toppings and was started by Willy the Penguin's grandfather, Jack L. Penguin.


Penguins & Sons was founded when Jack L. Penguin wanted to open a family friendly restaurant that was both healthy and delicious. He soon met a man named Roger Passer and together they created a building, but Roger wanted it to be a industry, but Jack wanted it to be a small business, Roger then left and Jack met his future wife, Rosemary Pretzel, and together they opened Penguins & Sons. Years later, Jack's son William took over the operation. William soon put out more branches of the pizzeria, to the dismay of Jack. Willy, William's son, will soon learn the restaurant business to take over when Jack retires.


Penguins & Sons has a lot of dishes to choose from. And we mean a lot. And since Willy's been to America, he's brought back unique dishes to try out.

Baked Fish Pizza

Krill and Seaweed Pizza

Vegetarian Pizza (Lettuce, carrots, and seaweed)

Fish Pizza (Fish and Krill)

Cheese-filled crust pizza

Full-Crust Pizza (A pizza for those crust lovers)

Glazed Doughnuts (Willy suggested the idea)

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