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penguin alert
WOW! those are alot of conscripts
Vital statistics
Type game
Location game
Cost to buy 30 coins
Cost to sell 30 coins


allied nations of antartica (anoa)

United Penguin commuism fighters (upcf)

Empire fo the rising Chi Conions (eotrcc)


int he year 2092 the anatartic just recovered from a war that spreaded into a palce called the year 2098 these three factions rise up and declare war.With the anoa skilled in inftrantry warfare, UPCF skilled in mass troop combats, as the chi conion empire are skilled in rapid war.The leader of the empire, Corai XII and his wife Dara XII. The anoa, mabel the forty fith. and the upcf, willie watt the XII.its ALL



anona units

  • puffle trooper
  • peacekeeper
  • peace soldier
  • Cabel X
  • Mabel robot

the upcf

  • conscript
  • snowtrooper
  • flame thrower trooper
  • ACP ranger
  • ACP officer


  • EPF eltist
  • EPF soldier
  • rookie
  • jetpack guy
  • director (commando)
  • imperial penguin
  • king penguin oni
  • mecha penguin jet fighter


  • its a parady of red alert 3
  • dara and corai are MARRIED (there dead in the game but we assume they were married or maybe there great great great great children were)
  • it runs on Chistation

Internal Links[]

  • Chi Conion studios