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Were you referring to the current Penguin World Records, now known as Tabloid's Book of Penguin Records?

Penguin World Records was the first ever book in the Tabloid's Book of Penguin Record sseries published in 2006 by a group of penguins, who are currently in the executive committee of Tabloid. The book was not commercially successful, but paved the way for the Tabloid's Book of Penguin Records.


A group of penguins had the idea of creating a record book keeping track of all records set by various creatures in Antarctica. As they were a small team, they were unable to publish a complete book, thus earning some criticism. It was distributed based on region.

Penguin World Records 2007 succeeded the book.


At the time, the book had many different variations due to loss of publishing control and different writers. Common categories, and their winnrs, include: