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Penguin Summer Island
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A Map of Penguin Summer island
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Vital statistics
Type Island
Level None
Location Penguin Carribean
Inhabitants Carribean Penguins, Arctic penguins (for the summer)

Penguin Summer island is a large island in the penguin carribean, surrounded by 2 other islands, Lava Island & a small fishing island with no name.


The 1st penguins to migrate here jumped aboard a ship heading to the fishing island at the Frostborough Docks. They found a boat when they arrived & sailed to the Summer island, the biggest island.


There are many natural landmarks here. The Jungle on the Summer island houses Wild indigo & Grey puffles, the small cove on the south side of Volcano island is a relaxing get-away from the parties.


The Parties at the hotel Penguin last late into the night & have a wide variety of entertainment. There are also tours into the inactive areas of the Volcano on Volcano island, which run from 8 am to 6 pm. There is a small village on the main island which has plenty of shops and nightclubs. There is a Coconut Bar on the south side of the village, and is quite popular with the locals and visitors. A bus service runs from the village, around the island and to the hotel, and back to the village. Restaurants on the fishing islands sell other sea creatures that taste delicious.


The Summer Penguins live here all year round, but the penguins visiting from Club Penguin mostly leave around early September. The Wild puffles in the jungle are included in the population of the islands. Moar Krabs owns 2 coves on the islands, and is planning on building 2 5-star shore hotels with a dock for each. For the meantime, he spends his summers on these islands. Moar Krabs is a Financial Genius, so when the hotels are in trouble, He sorts it out instantly.


40 Years ago, an evil scientist built an underground base to fire a laser at the volcano to make it active, but was foiled by the Penguin Secret agents in Club Penguin. The paths inside the base are blocked with mud and barbed wire, as the laser inside could be still active.


A small underground mine to the North of the Main island is producing 700 rare penguin pearls, a type of pearl that only develops underground on this island exclusively. Local fish can be bought from the village market, which taste much better than club penguin fish. The Fishing island also sells other sea creatures at restaurants.

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