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Penguin Pranksters is a terroist group that pranks cretures because they can. They pretend to be "anons" usually. This buisness have made them join the CP Raider Alliance, along with Anonymous, and REPT.


Penguin Pranksters were formed to prank penguins. At first, they were simple penguins, having a laugh. But soon, they became big. They then did something know one has ever done before: prank the moderators. They pretended to be "Anon" bots. The moderators were fooled. This also affected armies, as armies were pranked to thinking that other armies have declared war.

The AIA are currently researching there status. What is known is that they've joined the CP Raider Alliance. Professor Zlo Shroomsky released a statement about this group:

<Insert quote here>


Penguin Pranksters are currently pranking penguins, raiding ramdom places, and pretending to be "Anon" bots.


  • The PSA list them as "no threat" but the AIA list them as "highly dangerous".

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