Penguin OS
Company / developerVarious Developers
OS familyUnice-like
Working stateActive
Source modelOpen source
Initial releaseOctober 24, 1993
Latest stable release2.8.2.23 / August 20, 2009
Latest unstable release2.9.0.0 / April 22, 2010
Marketing targetEveryone
Available language(s)Several
Update methodSVN (will change)
Package managerDepends on variant
Supported platformsx86 ; x86-64 (because of the limitations of the x86 operating system)
Kernel typeMonolithic
Default user interfaceW

Penguin OS is an Operating System made by Linus Porvalds and maintained by Larry Tux Eflipper. It is a free competitor to Doors 2008. The latest version is 2.8 and the Windowing system is at 16. The Preview version is version 2.9, and the preview Windowing system is version W17. Version 2.9 supports the x86-64 architecture, and thus supports 10GB of RAM, while x86 supports 4GB of RAM.


  1. The manager of the Gift Shop. He still uses 0.92. with the W12 windowing system.
  2. The entire government of Freezeland. Their previous Doors system crashed.
  3. ZapWire. Bill Gate$ scares him.
  4. Linus. He invented it, he obviously uses it.
  5. GANGSTA G. He claims Doors is "for weenies" and is so "not gangsta".
  6. Kwiksilver and family.
  7. Bolsheevic Penguinsky. Doors is capitalist. Freedom for zee win!
  8. LiveWire. Makes sure there is no bad viruses infecting his poor PC.
  9. Coool31 uses a Penguin OS 2.8 Deluxe (he modified it with 2 memory banks, to use twice the amount of the memory limit he works on it a lot)
  10. Voltaire uses Penguin OS. He's the only human to use it. ZapWire helped him with making it a computer that produces music.
  11. Sam Rudi uses Penguin OS. 0.94 and it has a video website called PengTube.
  12. Larry. He helped with it, he clearly uses it.
  13. Akbaboy. When he used Doors, it exploded.
  14. Sonicspine31. Just like Zapwire, Bill Gate$ scares him.
  15. Brown51brown. He uses Doors 7 and Penguin OS, oddly enough.
  16. Sk8rbluscat. He uses Doors 2008 and Penguin OS on his PadTop.


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