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Penguin Mail Freightways
Penguin Mail Freightways
Here is the logo on the Cessna Caravan.
Vital statistics
Name Penguin Mail Freightways
Native name "Global" Penguin Mail Freightways
IATA code {{{iata}}}
ICAO code {{{icao}}}
Founded May 1, 2010
Commenced operations May 5, 2010
Ceased operations
Hubs Club Penguin Island Airport
Secondary hubs
Focus cities
Frequent flyer program None
Airline lounge None
Airline alliance
Company slogan ""
Parent company Penguin Mail Co.
Headquarters 745 Airport Rd. Club Penguin Island

Penguin Mail Freightways is a large cargo airline based at Club Penguin Island Airport on Club Penguin Island.The airline operates both scheduled and charter cargo and mail services, via the Trans-Continental Air Mail Route, which encircles the entire continent, the USA and UnitedTerra. The airline also operates both international and domestic services as well.


The Penguin Mail Company had depended on Antarctic Air Cargo for delivery until 2010, when it was decided that Penguin Mail should run it's own Air Fleet specifically for delivering mail. Thus, the company decided to do so. They Joined the newly formed Chi Con Air Alliance, and planes were built to begin delivering mail and packages. They also made the planes a Grey Color with a Red Tail to destinguish it as the unique Cargo Aircraft.


  • Snowing 777-200F(14) (International short/medium haul)
  • Snowing 757-200F(21) (domestic medium/long haul)
  • Cessna 208 Caravan (21) (domestic ultra-short haul)
  • Snowing 747-400F (9)(international long haul)
  • Snowing 737-800F (14) (domestic long haul)

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