Club Penguin Fan Universe

Penguin League
Before Blue Team
Vital statistics
Participants Sport Teams
Date Once per year
Location Major sports grounds

The Penguin League was a major League in sports and what would later become Blue Team. It was founded by Jack Blue after his company got sued.

The event[]

Every year, teams from all over Antartica would come to compete and win tropys in sport. Before you can enter, you must quallify in and compete against other teams. Once you quallified (if you ever did), you'll compete against teams to win either three of these trophies. There is a gold one, a silver and a bronze, all for different sports. There is also a all around trophy for the one who is best at all sports and a overall cup for the winner of the whole league.


There would first be awards for the best teams at a certain sport. The awards are a bronze tropy, a silver tropy and a gold tropy. There would then be awards for the best all around team and finally the overall winner cup.


The Penguin League came to end when another league opeaned up. The leagues wanted to find out which was the best league ever and they competed in a game of football. However, the ref would not allow the teams name and he asked for them to be changed. The Penguin League chosen Blue Team after their founder, Jack Blue while the other league chosen Red Team after the shirts they were wearing. Blue Team won but the crowd loved it so much that the leagues were finished and more matches between the teams began.

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