Club Penguin Fan Universe
Penguin Kart Vii
Inspiration(s) Everyone in the game
Developer(s) Speedy Studios and Fastest Puffles
Publisher(s) Snowtendo
Release date in USA June 27, 2009
Release date in the UTR July 15, 2009 (Nationwide)
Release date in Non-Free Republics {{{others}}}
Release date in Free Republics of the USA July 12, 2009
Genre Kart Racing
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Platform(s) Snowtendo Vii and PenguinStation 3
Predeced by None
Followed by None

Penguin Kart Vii is a game for Snowtendo Vii. 1-4 players can play.

Characters and karts[]

Character Kart Bike Speed Acceleration Weight Special Item Availability
Rockhopper Migrator Kart Island Bike 78% 62% Medium Cannon Start
Dancing Penguin Music Kart DJ3K Bike 65% 70% Medium Loudly Music Start
Sam Rudi Rocket Kart Motorcycle 88% 76% Medium Ultimate Sam's ultimate speed Unlockable
Gary Race Kart 4000 Race Bike 4000 88% 35% Medium Boom Box Unlockable
Rookie Propeller Kart Naive Bike 45% 81% Medium Super Banana Unlockable
Sensei Ninja Kart Vanish Bike 72% 40% Medium Vanish Power (no one can see or hit him) Unlockable
Squidzoid Squid Kart Zoid Bike 45% 73% Medium Plooper Squid (parody of Blooper) Unlockable
Herbert P. Bear Bear Kart Rawr Bike 97% 83% Heavy Super Snowball Unlocked when the game is complete
Star Kirby12 Green Sled Jetpack 100% 89% Medium Spirit of Light Unlockable after unlocking everything before him.

Game Modes[]

These are the game modes that can be accessed from the menu.

Story Mode[]

(Available for 1 player only!)

In the story mode, you've to beat all cups and defeat Herbert.

Grand Prix Mode[]

In the grand prix mode, you can play cups.

Multiplayer Madness Mode[]

In the Multiplayer Madness mode, you'll need to get more points than the other players. There are three types of games in the Multiplayer Madness mode:

  • Balloon Attack
  • Coin Capture
  • Tire Tag

Snowtendo VFC Mode[]

(Available for 1-2 players only!)

In the Snowtendo VFC mode, you can play online.