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Penguin Kart (game)
The cover of the game and ... errr ...
Inspiration(s) Many
Developer(s) Speedy Studios, Mwaco-Puffdai and Snowtendo
Publisher(s) Snowtendo
Release date in USA July 28, 2009
Release date in the UTR September 21, 2009
Release date in Non-Free Republics
Release date in Free Republics of the USA June 15, 2009 (Dorkugal)
Genre Racing
Units sold 17.2 million
Platform(s) Snowtendo Vii, Arcade
Predeced by Antics Kart: Super Speed
Followed by Penguin Kart 2

Penguin Kart is a racing game made exclusively for the Snowtendo Vii, the entire story is about the racers trying to enter a racing tournament and stop Darktan. It was released in the entire USA in July 28, 2009, in Dorkugal in June 15, 2009, in the Free Republics in September 5, 2009, and in the UnitedTerra in September 21, 2009. The game was first tested in Dorkugal and was also released there first. Many penguins enjoyed it because of all the fun in the game.


This game have 3D graphics and psychics, Penguin Kart is a racing game in which the player controls characters from the entire USA, most of the characters drive in vehicles, while others just run and hover over the track. The unique vehicles can be rided on by any characters if it's unlocked, although, before they are unlocked, all the racers drives/hops in regular go-karts, bicycles, motorcycles, skateboards, scooters, roller skates, sleds, and even run over the entire track. While racing, the player can accelerate, steer, reverse, brake, hop, collect coins, or use weapons and power-ups with the Viimote. There are three type of boxes located on each tracks, the most common are the regular item boxes, the second most common is the coin box, and last but not at least, the glowing item box, if any of them are smashed, something happens. Boxes with a question marks on them holds weapons and power-ups, which can be obtained by driving through and breaking apart the item box. When the player collects a weapon or power-up, it will appear in a box at the top of the screen. The player can then activate the weapon or power-up to attack other racers or gain more speed. The glowing item box is rarer than the regular item boxes, and it just looks like it, but covered with a green glow, breaking one can give the player a special weapon or power-up to activate it or a various amount of coins. Coin boxes carry coins that increases the speed of the player's vehicle and strengthens the player's weapons and power-ups if ten of them are obtained.

While playing the game, the player must use the Vii Mote in a horizontal direction.


While racing:

  • Steering: Left and Right arrows/Control stick
  • Reverse: Down arrow/B button
  • Accelerate: 2 button/A button
  • Brake: 1 button/Z button
  • Launch Weapon: A button/X button
  • Jump: B button/R button
  • Rear View: + button/L button
  • Show Map/Speed meter: - button/B button
  • Power slide: Left/Right + B button/Left/Right + Y button
  • Activate special power: Press the A button after you get your special power./Press the C button after you get your special power.
  • Pause: Home button/Center button


  • Select: Any arrows/Control stick
  • Click: A button/A button
  • Exit: B button/C button

During loading screen:

  • Change Music: Left/Right arrow/Control stick
  • Mute: B button/C button


Once upon a time in Club Penguin Island, it was a normal day, until ... dark clouds started to appear everywhere in Antarctica, a voice from a radio station said that it appears that Darktain himself is trying to take over the Antarctica, he also said that he would do it in a game of go-kart racing, if anybody is able to stop him, the whole continent would be safe, but if they didn't, the entire Antarctica is doomed and everyone else there would become brainwashed servants of Darktan.

Meanwhile, in a subplot, Fudd looses his tuba to Darktan and decides to take it back by blowing up the castle!



After the Antarctican driver defeated Captain Str00del of the Darktonian Realm, Darktan is still nowhere to be found while a mysterious cave opens up, the driver then drives into a cave, suddenly, Darktan appears in a big screen, he says that he is located somewhere else in the outskirts of the Darktonian Realm, and he is waiting for the driver to challenge him.

Meanwhile, the driver unsuspectingly defeats Darktan in a race, the evil penguin then has to give up the plan and do something else better for him. After the rise and fall of Darktan's Plan happened, the driver, along with some of the playable characters, celebrates in the Darktonian Realm, and then the credits appears.

Bonus Ending[]

After the credits a bonus ending is shown.

In it, Fudd grabs the tuba from Darktan and runs out of the cave just before it explodes.

Out of the cave comes Darktan who throws a boot at Fudd and it hits him in the face, much to the enjoyment of the other racers.


No more adding new characters please!

Italic text indicates that the character is protected by Luce while using a protection shadow.
Bold text indicates that the character is protected by Herbert Horror while using a protection shadow.

Spaces Left:

  • Starters: Full (20/20)
  • Unlockable: Full (18/18)
  • Hidden: Full (4/4)
Character Default Vehicle Special Item Special Item Icon Availability
Slendar Paddle Mobile

Floating paddle with paddle ball features resembling car parts

Paddle In Eight (eight small paddles surrounds him, and then it fires in eight directions, stunning anybody in the way) Special-item-ss31 Starter
Gary K.A.R.T.

A mechanical Barchetta with robotic features, and front lights resembling Gary's glasses

Flare Flinger 3000 (brings out the Flare Flinger 3000 and sends them up flying to land on three random opponents, splattering ketchup on them and temporarily blinding them) Special-item-gary Starter
Explorer 767 Fast n' Frozen

Sky blue go-kart which appears to be frozen

Fourth Wall (summons a force from another dimension that looks kinda like this guy to charge at all racers in front of him) Special-item-explorer Starter
Klutzy Crab Mech

Klutzy's Mech from Super Antics 3D

The Killer Pincher (throws out three sharp boomerang shaped like a crab's pincher, into the nearest vehicle's tires, making them go flat for a while) Special-item-klutzy Starter
Rockhopper Wheelgrator

A smaller Migrator with less rooms and three tires installed in each sides

Cannon Blast (a cannon apppears in front of him and fires large snowballs in front for fifteen seconds, if one of those snowballs lands on a driver, they would be covered by a pile of snow, preventing them from driving shortly) Special-item-rh Starter
Sensei Cold Ocean Fire

"Meyers Manx" dune buggy personalized with fire, ice and water-themed designs

Invisibilistic (Sensei and his vehicle disappears into a pile of soot, and then he eventually reappears in further miles away in-front, the pile of soot stays there until an another racer runs over it, making them slip out) Special-item-sensei Starter
Tails6000 Emerald Drifter

Emerald green-colored Panoz Roadster with shining hood

Super Slingshot (brings out a large slingshot along with a large stone for an ammo and continuously fires it for ten seconds, if one of the stones land on an opponent, it would flatten them) Special-item-tails Starter
Aunt Arctic Paper Pinnacle

A hot rod mysteriously made with papers

Illustrator's Pencil (brings out a magical pencil and erases the nearby opponent until it reappears for the next twelve seconds) Special-item-aa Starter
Mabel Naughty Nags

Kick scooter made out of punctuations with a shorter handlebar and a wider deck

Mad Woman's Shriek (yells so loudly, an echo wave of punctuations starts appearing and destroys nearby opponents' vehicles for the next seven seconds) Special-item-mabel Starter
Penghis Khan The PWNer

An army tank made suitable for racing, completed with a Pengolian paint job

Shark (throws out a large shark, which has twice the power of the Mullet and Anvil, if it successfully lands on an opponent, they would be crushed by it until it vanishes) Special-item-penghiskhan Starter
Cadence DJ Dancer

Mountain bicycle with flashy colors

Razor Sharp Records (flings out a few records at nearby opponents, deducting one of their lives) Special-item-cadence Starter
Yarr Wheel Sailor

Canoe with a steering wheel and boat paddles in different shapes for car parts

Strike! (turns the nearest opponent into the shape of a bowling pin, then Yarr gets inside a cannon and blasts off to knock them down, then gets back into his vehicle) Special-item-yarr Starter
Kwiksilver Kart 3000

Heavily-mechanized two-seated Ford Mustang Fastback with electrical features

UltraTimer3000 (Kwiksilver uses an ultratimer to travel in the time and stop the other racers) Special-item-petguin Starter
Snellville Elder Rocket Sled

A sled that resembles a RocketSnail

Super Rocket (the elder's vehicle's engine turns into a rocket, giving it extra speed temporarily, any drivers passed by him would eventually spin out due to the speed power) Special-item-tse Starter
Sancho Monte Captio AeroJet

Medium-sized biplane colored blue

Aeroattack (takes off and flies, and drops bombs on opponents below, and lands into a further distance frontwards) Special-item-sancho Starter
Amigopen Caramel Dancer

Orange and black race car with a design of a penguin's face in front, it also has a dancing penguin statue in the back.

Shoop Da Whoop! (opens his mouth and fires a huge laser beam out of it, destroying anything it reaches into) SHOOP DA WHOOP!!! Starter
Willy the Penguin Bi-Plane

Small biplaned colored green

Rapid Fire (A snowball gun is activated and shoots rapid ammo for nine seconds) Snowball gun Starter
Austin Fast Fish

Convertible which resembles a yellow fish

Rocket Launcher (blows up the person in first place and respawns them back into further places behind) TBD Starter
Ford Car The Ford Car

Roofless Ford Mustang GT with black and red stripes

Guitar Riff (brings out an electric guitar and strums it greatly, creating a shockwave which destroys anything it reaches) TBD Starter
Dancing Penguin Turntable of Doom

A large wheeled turntable

Juke Box (throws out a jukebox, any passing opponents would be distracted by the music until the jukebox vanishes) TBD Starter
MobileShroom Notorious S.U.V.

Mobileshroom's signature S.U.V.

Road Rage (starts driving so slowly, it causes other drivers to yell at him, distracting them, then he suddenly drives faster) TBD Unlockable
Manny Peng Mwa Mwa Bike

An orange tricycle

Lollipop Smack (brings out a lollipop and whacks the nearest opponent with it, distracting them from driving as they attempt to get it off their faces) Special-item-mp Unlockable
Flywish Rocket Limousine

A roofless limousine which appears to have rocket parts in the back

Chespanyr Powerbomb (Flywish throws it away and then the Chespanyr Powerbomb mind controls and stuns another driver causing Flywish to go ahead) Special-item-flywish Unlockable
Brown51brown Chrome Speedster

A generic race car with a spoiler on the back

Rocket Flyer (vehicle into a semi-rocket that stuns any racers who get run over by it for fifteen seconds) Rocket Kart Unlockable
Fred 676 Turbo Trapezoid

Red trapezoid-shaped go kart with certain methamatic answers being prined on it

Rhombus Flinger (Fred flings a couple of rhombis or any-other available polygon into the nearest driver front or behind, they act like boomerangs and could deduct a life) Special-item-fred Unlockable
EdFan Panicking Palmtree

Resembles a large fallen palm tree on dozens of small tires with a pentagon-shaped cut on top, which acts as the seat

Laser Attack (shoots lasers at any opponents in 1st, 2nd, and 3rd places causing them to lose control momentarily for a few seconds) Special-item-edfan Unlockable
Herbert P. Bear Woodchopper 3000

Wheeled guillotine with a seat in the back along with other car features, it includes a tomahawk which swings sideways in place of the usual blade

Cage Trap (throws out an open cage, if an another opponent drives over it, the cage would instantly trap them in for a short time) Special-item-herbert Unlockable
Metal Explorer Metallic n' Mashing

Resembles Fast n' Frozen, but appears bright and mechanized

Triple Thunder Strike (Metal Explorer's hands, and chest forms into the shape of a cannon which fires a thunder bolt each from one of them, zapping anything it reaches into, then Metal Explorer turns back into his normal form) Special-item-me Unlockable
Newman Knockcycle

Resembles the prank mobile from Let's Prank Charon!, except that it's body is in the shape of a quadracycle.

Trickeroo (brings out a red capsule from his pocket and throws it away, while it looks seemingly harmless, when a driver makes a contact upon it, they would get one of their lives deducted) Special-item-newman Unlockable
WitchyPenguin Flying Broomstick

A hovering broomstick, obviously

Sinister Spell (WitchyPenguin casts a spell which makes all of her opponents slip for a few seconds and makes a rain cloud appear above them, which would first struck them with a lightning, then it temporarily rains on them, slowing them down) Special-item-wp Unlockable
Link Dire Fire

One-wheeled motorcycle with connecting fireball for a tire

Super Fireball (releases a fireball which would bounce around the track until it burns a driver's vehicle) Special-item-link Unlockable
Robo-Gary Robo Kart

A tourer-shaped robot

Double Laser (Robo-Gary's eyes starts glowing and fires a huge laser out of them into the nearest driver, burning their vehicle) Special-item-robog Unlockable
Doom Knight Doom Wyvern

A mechanical dragon on wheels

Raining Mullets (summons a gray cloud each above his opponents in front, and then a bunch of mullets falls down on the racers, distracting them from driving for eight seconds) Special-item-dk Unlockable
Captain Str00del Str00del Jeep

Roofless jeep with strudel textures as well as any other pastries

H4X0RZ (Captain Str00del uses a hacking device to make all of his opponents frozen for seven seconds, giving Str00del a chance to win the race) Special-item-cs Unlockable
Pen Chi Transparikart

A transparent Formula One car

Super Invisiblistic (Pen Chi and his vehicles becomes invisible and passes by 20 miles, and then Pen Chi and his vehicle reappears) Special-item-penchi Unlockable
Darktan Anatorium

An Aston Martin DBR4 car painted black and decorated with dark, neon feathers, with spreaded out wings in the trunk.

Shadow Amulet (Darktan uses the shadow amulet to summon the dark clouds above any of his opponents in front or behind, the dark clouds continuously zaps them with a lightning bolt for six seconds and then the dark clouds start to fly away) Special-item-darktan Unlockable
Fake Tails Coco Cart

A halved coconut on wheels along with other car features

Coco Bombs Away (calls a flock of terns (Wot?) to drop a bomb which resembles a coconut, on all of the opponents in front of him) Special-item-faketails Unlockable
Walrus Computer Eight

A large computer monitor on wheels, with the screen acting like a window, certain buttons acting like steering wheels, brakes, etc.

HAX0RZ II (brings out a hacking device to make all opponents in front to reappear behind him, but with a sluggish speed only for ten seconds) Special-item-cs Unlockable
Fudd Fuddkart

Fudd's signature rocket wagon pictured here

Cream Pie Strike (Fudd launches cream pies at all nearby racers, blinding them temporarily in the process. They also slow down by 50% for twenty seconds while they try to get it off) Special-item-fudd Hidden
Smash Puffleboo Chrome Twiddle

Smasher's kart from Smasher Kart Racing

Chicken Bomb (lifts a large bomb which resembles a chicken, and then drops it in the middle of the road, causing a huge explosion which would affect any other racers besides himself) Special-item-ttp Hidden
Akbaboy Royal Throne

A Ford Model T with a throne for a seat.

Land Separator (The land splits into half. The side that you are not on disappears, but the side that you are on stays, this only lasts for 5 seconds) Special-item-akba Hidden
Sheepman Chopper

A Snowkorsky MH-53 helicopter with a large gun on the front

Chopper Gun (takes out a large Ditto gun and fires it, stunning an another racer for 8 seconds) Wow... Hidden


All vehicles can be chosen to have different patterns or different colors by editing in Vehicle Editorial mode which is included in the Options menu, you can also add some different features in the vehicle as well.

NOTE: If an N/A sign is shown, it means that a certain stat is not available for the said vehicle.

Vehicle Speed Acceleration Handling Weight Off-road Overall
Paddle Mobile 85% 94% 77% 42% N/A 298%
K.A.R.T. 90% 67% 83% 91% 74% 405%
Fast n' Frozen 98% 91% 81% 60% 53% 383%
Crab Mech 63% 70% 90% 82% 99% 404%
Wheelgrator 89% 87% 65% 88% 84% 413%
Cold Ocean Fire 93% 87% 58% 89% 89% 416%
Emerald Drifter 97% 87% 98% 45% 48% 375%
Paner Pinnacle 90% 82% 95% 13% 69% 349%
Naughty Nags 63% 96% 81% 15% 80% 335%
The PWNER 55% 78% 96% 98% 95% 422%
DJ Dancer 62% 94% 89% 41% 53% 339%
Wheel Sailor 56% 95% 84% 17% 92% 344%
Kart 3000 75% 85% 65% 85% 85% 395%
Rocket Sled 98% 97% 51% 36% 86% 368%
Aerojet 96% 73% 91% 82% 83% 425%
Caramel Dancer 93% 97% 91% 60% 71% 412%
Bi-Plane 99% 94% 80% 65% 78% 416%
Fast Fish 98% 90% 89% 64% 57% 398%
The Ford Car 88% 95% 61% 68% 72% 384%
Turntable of Doom 57% 61% 80% 38% 59% 295%
Notorious S.U.V. 25% 58% 99% 76% 98% 356%
Woodchopper 3000 81% 92% 90% 93% 40% 396%
Turbo Trapezoid 97% 94% 94% 59% 65% 409%
Mwa Mwa Bike 84% 61% 64% 25% 87% 321%
Knockcycle 58% 96% 84% 42% 90% 370%
Dire Fire 97% 87% 82% 76% 57% 399%
Coco Cart 54% 91% 93% 79% 96% 413%
Computer Eight 81% 83% 85% 87% 89% 425%
Robo Kart 97% 85% 63% 88% 86% 419%
Doom Wyvern 98% 78% 98% 78% 68% 420%
Str00del Jeep 45% 98% 85% 86% 97% 411%
Flying Broomstick 82% 80% 88% 15% N/A 265%
Metallic n' Mashing 56% 91% 95% 62% 88% 392%
Panicking Palmtree 78% 92% 86% 81% 67% 404%
Transparikart 99% 96% 91% 52% 17% 355%
Anatorium 98% 98% 98% 47% 85% 426%
Rocket Limousine 97% 99% 84% 87% 61% 428%
Chrome Speedster 88% 77% 88% 66% 55% 374%
Chrome Twiddle 80% 97% 91% 50% 62% 380%
Fuddkart 98% 93% 96% 34% 92% 413%
Royal Throne 71% 90% 84% 75% 95% 415%
Chopper 91% 38% 49% 87% 83% 348%

You can add more vehicles if you feel like doing so.


Free Fast[]

Free Fast is a single-player mode where the player can race quickly on a different race track against different opponents, the player can set how many opponents that he/she have, the minimum is one opponent, the maximum is twelve opponents, occasionally, unlockable characters are seen racing in the track after the player unlocks one of them.

Grand Prix[]

Grand Prix mode is a single-player and a multiplayer mode where the player race over four tracks for the highest total score, there are eleven different cups:

Fish Cup

  • Explorer Circuit (Road Owner: Explorer 767)
  • Mwa Mwa Airflow (Road Owner: Manny Peng)
  • Walri Waters (Road Owner: Walrus)
  • Great Snail Bog (Road Owner: Snellvile Elder)

Snowball Cup

  • Puffle Circuit (Road Owner: Yarr)
  • Rockhopper's Subaquatic Ship (Road Owner: Rockhopper)
  • Gary's Gadget Room (Road Owner: Gary the Gadget Guy)
  • Bear Beacon (Road Owner: Herbert P. Bear)

Penguin Cup (unlockable)

  • Slendar Streets (Road Owner: Slendar)
  • Klutzy's Colliery (Road Owner: Klutzy)
  • Bonsai Sensei (Road Owner: Sensei)
  • Knightmare of Doom (Road Owner: Doom Knight)

Coin Cup (unlockable)

  • Droller Coaster (Road Owner: Metal Explorer)
  • Endless Tunnel (Road Owner: Austin8310)
  • Brown Trails (Road Owner: Brown51brown)
  • Tails Tempest (Road Owner: Tails6000)

Flame Cup (unlockable)

  • Techno Tower (Road Owner: Newman)
  • Dire Airway (Road Owner: Flywish)
  • Smashing Caves (Road Owner: Smash Puffle)
  • Link's Lava Mountain (Road Owner: Link)

Engine Cup (unlockable)

  • Mud Cud Pines (Road Owner: Willy the Penguin)
  • Arctic Hectic (Road Owner: Aunt Arctic)
  • Amigopen Assembly (Road Owner: Amigopen)
  • Witchy Cast Castle (Road Owner: WitchyPenguin)

Puffle Cup (unlockable)

  • Pranky Pyramid (Road Owner: Fudd Lapooh)
  • Sea Edventures (Road Owner: EDFan)
  • Robo Observatory (Road Owner: Robo-Gary)
  • Mt. Mabel (Road Owner: Mabel)

Wheel Cup (unlockable)

  • Str00del Cemetery (Road Owner: Captain Str00del)
  • Cloud Crossway (Road Owner: Sancho Monte Captio)
  • Penghis Palace (Road Owner: Penghis Khan)
  • Darktonian Mansion (Road Owner: Darktan)

Mullet Cup (unlockable)

  • Kwik Laboratory (Road Owner: Kwiksilver)
  • Freeze Degrees (Road Owner: Fred 676)
  • Pen Chi Treetop (Road Owner: Pen Chi)
  • Epic Circuit (Road Owner: Akbaboy)

Utmost Cup (unlockable)

  • Dancing in Rivers (Road Owner: Dancing Penguin)
  • Haunted Treetops (Road Owner: N/A)
  • Ford Fjord (Road Owner: Ford Car)
  • Rustic Pantheon (Road Owner: N/A)

Terminus Cup (unlockable)

  • Sheep Colony (Road Owner: Sheepman)
  • Slowspeed Raceway (Road Owner: MobileShroom)
  • DJ Vault (Road Owner: Cadence)
  • Aero Antagonist (Road Owner: Fake Tails)

Battlerina/Coin Challenge/Stunt Arena[]

The Battlerina mode is where drivers destroy each other's vehicle on a arena. The first driver that destroys at least 10 vehicles is declared the winner, there is also a damage meter shown in the right screen, when it is green, it means that the car haven't gotten any damage yet, when it is yellow or higher, it means that the car have suffered a damage, up to four players can play this unique mode as well, but if the player doesn't have any friends, the player can still play, but the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th player are replaced by CPU drivers. The player can change settings for the items to disable or enable them.

The Battlerina mode can also be exchanged with Coin Collecting mode by using the options menu. In the Coin Collection mode, whoever gets the most coins wins, if both players gets the same amount of coins after the time is up, it will end up being a draw. Unlike Battlerina mode, this mode can only be played if the player has two or more controllers and more friends.

The Battlerina mode can also be exchanged with Stunt Arena mode as well, the Stunt Arena mode is a mode where the player can perform different stunts, from backflip to frontflip, the player can do many different stunts. This mode can be played with two, three or four players as well, whoever has the most points before the time runs out wins. In single player, the player must do different stunts to get points before the time runs out.

Multiple Mayhem[]

It's exactly like the Free Fast mode, except that you can play with your friends in this mode, a multiplayer grand prix mode is a subsection in this mode. The player can also decided to include CPU racers or not.

Time Trial[]

The Time Trial mode a single player game where you race against the clock to get the best time.

Online Play[]

It's pretty much like multiplayer race, except that you can race with anyone in the world with Vi Fi Connection.


The options mode is where you can change the settings for the game, for example, the higher the difficulty, the faster your opponent's speed, the slower the sound and music, the more quite the game listens, and you can save a game data as well, if the game is played by more than one person and if they want to create separate profiles in the game, they can create an another profile as well, if the player wants to get rid of their old data, they can also delete their old data as well, and here in the options menu, there are two neat goodies, there is a sound testing menu and a vehicle editorial menu, the sound test menu is where you can hear the musics, sound effects and voices in the game, it could be unlocked by unlocking pretty much everything else first, the vehicle editorial menu is a sub-mode where you can edit a vehicle to change it's color, patterns, textures, or even add a new feature! It could also be unlocked by getting all vehicles in the game.

Achievements Achieved[]

There are over nine thousand sixty achievements which the player can earn, it works like an addiction for players.

Number Title of the Achievement Difficulty How to achieve it
#1 The Winner of the Race is... Easy Win a race track in 1st place.
#2 No Weapons! Easy Win a race track without using any weapon.
#3 Grand Prix Winner Moderate Win a grand prix cup.
#4 Story completed! Moderate Complete the adventure avenue with 100% or more.
#5 The Sneaky Way! Moderate Use a shortcut in race track to get in 1st place.
#6 Time Master Hard Defeat all of Pen Chi's ghosts in the time trial mode.
#7 The True Time Lord Hard Defeat all of Darktan's ghosts in the time trial mode.
#8 Keys, keys, and more keys! Moderate Collect all bronze, ruby, or onyx jeweled keys in adventure avenue.
#9 The Heavy Artillery Easy Use a weapon in a race that can go in different directions and successfully attack the racer.
#10 Power Slider Moderate In a race track, do at least 15 consecutive power slides.
#11 The Grand Master of Grand Prix Cups Hard Win in 1st place in all of the grand prix cups in hard mode.
#12 Racing Champion Moderate Win in 1st place on all race tracks at least in hard mode.
#13 Coin Collector! Easy Achieve more coins than the second player in a coin challenge battle.
#14 Look out, world. There's a new racer in town, and his name is... Easy Win at least 1 race in online mode.
#15 Going up! Easy Win at least 10 races in online mode.
#16 Turbonator! Moderate Win at least 25 races in online mode.
#17 Expert Online Racer Moderate Win at least 50 races in online mode.
#18 Survivor Series Easy Be the first one to have at least 10 knockouts in a battle arena.
#19 It's ... a tie? Moderate Be in the 1st place while one of your opponents is also in 1st place and when you both win, you get this achievement
#20 Silver Speed Easy Win a race track in 2nd place
#21 Bronze Brawn Easy Win a race track in 3rd place
#22 Wooden Spoon Award Easy Win a race track in the lowest place.
#23 Boss Beater Moderate Defeat a boss in adventure avenue.
#24 You're doing it wrong! Easy Fall into a chasm while racing in a track.
#25 Coin Collector at a track Moderate Collect all of the coins (except for the ones that is contained in the coin box) in a race track.
#26 Puffle Token pieces, coming right up! Moderate Collect all six token pieces in adventure avenue.
#27 The Wrath of You Easy Use a special weapon against a racer in a track.
#28 The Demented Way Easy Use a special weapon three times in a race.
#29 I'm Invincible! Moderate While racing, don't get hurt by any items.
#30 Mixed Up Together and... Easy Use a mixed up item on a racer in a race.
#31 PWNED! Moderate Smack all of your opponents with a fish in one race. (would be easier if you race with one or two opponents)
#32 Expansion Extension Moderate Install an expansion pack to your game.
#33 Veteran Racer Moderate Race in 1st place on all racing modes.
#34 Off-Roader Easy Stay in the off-road side of a track for at least six seconds.
#35 Accident Prone Easy Get hit by an item, and fall into a chasm on a track.
#36 Achievement Unlocked! Easy Unlock an achievement
#37 One Stunt Easy Perform at least one stunt in stunt arena mode.
#38 AtTENtion! Easy Perform at least ten stunts in stunt arena mode.
#39 Twenty Five Files Moderate Perform at least twenty-five stunts in stunt arena mode.
#40 Fifty-fifty times! Moderate Perform at least fifty stunts in stunt arena mode.
#41 Seventy-five percent! Hard Perform at least seventy-five stunts in stunt arena mode.
#42 Over 100! Hard Perform at least hundreds of stunts in stunt arena mode.
#43 Argh! You Cheater! Easy Use a code to unlock an item.
#44 Stuntman at a track Easy Do a stunt while racing in the track. (gaps will help)
#45 D'oh! Easy Fire any projectile item, and let it be missed.
#46 Whoa! Easy Get hit by an item while you're surrounded by an energetic shield.
#47 Get up on your feet, bud! Easy Do nothing for 60 seconds in a race track.
#48 The Coin Keeper Easy While racing, have at least 10 coins while going through the finish line.
#49 Face Fudd's pie! Extremely Hard Beat Fudd in a multiplayer game without getting by his special weapon once.
#50 Game Completed Hard Unlock everything in this game.
#51 Congratulations! Extremely Hard Unlock all achievements for this game.

Adventure Avenue[]

All of the boss characters can't be used in Adventure Avenue.

Adventure Avenue is the adventure mode of the game, the player must use the character of their own choice and must race through all events in order to race against Darktan to save the world, the player can also unlock some characters as well.

There are some different awards that the player can earn:

Racing Trophies

The player can earn a trophy by finishing first place in a trophy race. Collecting all four trophies can earn the player a boss race. After earning a trophy from one race, another one will open.

Vortex Accesses

Boss races are unlocked after the player earns at least four trophies in a different world. Vortex Accesses are obtained by defeating the boss of each different world, after that, a vortex appears, if the player goes inside the vortex, they may go into a different world with different tracks and themes.

Jeweled Keys

Jeweled Key races are unlocked after winning a trophy race in the same track. There are three different colors for the key, they are: Bronze, Ruby, Onyx. The bronze keys are the easiest one to collect, while Onyx and Ruby keys are harder to get. If the player wins a jeweled key race, an jewel key is awarded to the player depending on their final time spending on the track. In jeweled key races, the item boxes and the coin boxes are replaced with a time box, if a time box is hit, the time will froze for 1/2/3/4 seconds, if the player breaks all the time boxes, they will get a perfect bonus, decreasing their final number by ten. If the player earns all jeweled keys, the player can race against Darktan two times and unlock extra tracks to play in different modes.

Puffle Tokens

Just like the jeweled key races, the token races are unlocked after winning a trophy race. While racing in a token race, the player must collect all six puffle token pieces, if the player managed to get all six pieces and win in the first four, a puffle token is rewarded, however, if the player is one of the first four and did not collect any puffle token pieces, the token is not rewarded apparently. There are nine different colors for the puffle token pieces, the blue, red, yellow, green, purple, pink, black, and white are earned in token races, while the orange puffle tokens are earned after collecting all coins in a battle arena.

Snowball Cups

Snowball Cups are unlocked after winning all tokens of the same color, the snowball cups can be found in the other side of the Darktonian Realm. The tracks in the snowball cups takes places of the four races where the puffle token pieces were played on, with the exception of orange, in the orange snowball cup, the player faces four random bosses (except for Darktan, Fake Tails, Darktonian Mansion, and Aero Antagonist) and their home-track. If the player wins a snowball cup, they will earn a special snowball, unlocking a boss character: (except for Pen Chi)

It is possible to have 101% or 102% completion without cheating. This is where the player successfully completed Adventure Avenue, with jeweled keys at ruby (101%) or all jeweled keys onyx.

Scroll down to see the all the tracks and boss fights in the game.

Click on the track name to see the map and it's soundtrack.

Flake Land[]

This wintry, suburban land is the first place where the drivers starts on their quest.

  • Explorer Circuit (Blue token) (Boxes: 30)
  • Rockhopper's Subaquatic Ship (Green token) (Boxes: 38)
  • Bear Beacon (Yellow token) (Boxes: 28)
  • Endless Tunnel (White token) (Boxes: 56)
  • Snow Forts (Coins: 25) (Time: 2:00)
  • Boss: Herbert P. Bear (Level: Bear Beacon) (Weapon: Fishes)

Woody Woodland[]

Here, in this seemingly calm forest, is where all the nature is at!

  • Mud Cud Pines (Green token) (Boxes: 32)
  • Puffle Circuit (Red token) (Boxes: 36)
  • Sheep Colony (Blue token) (Boxes: 41)
  • Droller Coaster (Black token) (Boxes: 53)
  • Rocky Rock Den (Coins: 28) (Time: 2:05)
  • Boss: Metal Explorer (Level: Droller Coaster) (Weapon: Electric Orbs)

Sphenisciformes City[]

It's nighttime and gray, as it's a city, it's the perfect place to play!

  • Slendar Streets (Purple token) (Boxes: 40)
  • Techno Tower (Pink token) (Boxes: 47)
  • DJ Vault (Black token) (Boxes: 55)
  • Brown Trails (Red token) (Boxes: 60)
  • Rooftop Complex (Coins: 35) (Time: 2:15)
  • Boss: Newman (Level: Techno Tower) (Weapon of choice: Oil Spill)

Fairy Grand[]

Look at your right, it's a happy, fairy tale land, now look back at your left, it's a dark, evil-looking world!

  • Cloud Crossway (Black token) (Boxes: 48)
  • Mwa Mwa Airflow (Red token) (Boxes: 42)
  • Dire Airway (Yellow token) (Boxes: 45)
  • Witchy Cast Castle (Green token) (Boxes: 65)
  • WitchyPenguin's Hut (Coins: 40) (Time: 2:30)
  • Boss: WitchyPenguin (Level: Witchy Cast Castle) (Weapon of choice: Rolling Barrels)

Elemental Ruins[]

Fire, water, ice, air, and earth all in the same place, oh my!

  • Klutzy's Colliery (Purple token) (Boxes: 44)
  • Freeze Degrees (White token) (Boxes: 58)
  • Walri Waters (Blue token) (Boxes: 52)
  • Link's Lava Mountain (Red token) (Boxes: 50)
  • Gloating Palace (Coins: 45) (Time: 2:45)
  • Boss: Link (Level: Link's Lava Mountain) (Weapon of choice: Banana Missile)

Space Park[]

Blast off and have a race in the space!

  • Gary's Gadget Room (Purple token) (Boxes: 37)
  • Kwik Laboratory (Green token) (Boxes: 39)
  • Robo Observatory (Yellow token) (Boxes: 50)
  • Amigopen Assembly (Pink token) (Boxes: 44)
  • Star Planet (Coins: 50) (Time: 2:55)
  • Boss: Robo-Gary (Level: Robo Observatory) (Weapon of choice: Deletion Rays)

Time After Times[]

Whether you just made history or you went back in time.

  • Smashing Caves (White token) (Boxes: 48)
  • Pranky Pyramid (Pink token) (Boxes: 45)
  • Knightmare of Doom (Green token) (Boxes: 39)
  • Sea Edventures (Purple token) (Boxes: 50)
  • Ice Cage Era (Coins: 62) (Time: 3:00)
  • Boss: Doom Knight (Level: Knightmare of Doom) (Weapon of choice: Mullets)

Extra World I[]

In this mountain in the mist, which way shall you wish? (NOTE: No tokens are found here as is this an extra, unessential world)

Extra World II[]

This place strangely resembles Flake Land ... (NOTE: No tokens are found here as well because this is an extra, unessential world)

The Darktonian Realm[]

You have now reached the Darktonian Realm, however, he is located in somewhere else, as a result, Captain Str00del will be your substitute opponent.

  • Str00del Cemetery (Yellow token) (Boxes: 37)
  • Mt. Mabel (White token) (Boxes: 52)
  • Penghis Palace (Boxes: 50)
  • Darktonian Mansion (Blue token) (Boxes: 68)
  • The Throne Room (Coins: 80) (Time: 3:30)
  • Boss: Captain Str00del (Level: Str00del Cemetery) (Weapon of choice: ROLF Waffles)

The other side of the Darktonian Realm[]

Before you arrive here, Darktan appears on a big screen and says that he's actually located at the other side of the Darktonian Realm, which is where you currently are located at, Darktan is waiting for you to challenge him. You can also challenge other racers as well in Snowball cups as long you have all of the puffle tokens.

  • Haunted Treetops (Boxes: 58)
  • Rustic Pantheon (Boxes: 42)
  • Epic Circuit (Boxes: 45)
  • Red Snowball Cup
  • Blue Snowball Cup
  • Green Snowball Cup
  • Pink Snowball Cup
  • Purple Snowball Cup
  • Black Snowball Cup
  • Yellow Snowball Cup
  • White Snowball Cup
  • Orange Snowball Cup (You race against the bosses in the past realms and their home track)
  • Boss: Darktan (Level: Darktonian Mansion) (Weapon of choice: Every single weapons that the past bosses use)

Bonus World[]

This world is unlocked after defeating Darktan once.

  • Jungle Rumble (Coins: 45) (not essential)
  • Bounce Shrooms (Coins: 35) (not essential)
  • Airborne Arena (Coins: 52) (not essential)
  • Aero Antagonist (Boxes: 45)
  • Boss: Fake Tails (Level: Aero Antagonist) (Weapon of choice: All snowballs)


Items can be earned by smashing an item box found on the race track and battle arenas. Occasionally, the items will have three ammo, this can be happened to any item randomly after the player smashes an item box. The weapon can be activated by pressing the 'A' button on the Viimote. If the player collects at least 10 coins, the player is able to 'Mix Up' the weapon to improve it. The coins can be obtained by smashing a plain box with a coin symbol on it, or by collecting single coins found on the track and battle arenas. If the player gets hit by a weapon, or fall into a chasm, they will lose a random amount of coins they have depending on the weapon types. Special items can also be obtained if you smash an glowing item box and by pressing the 'A' button, but the glowing item boxes are rarer (and harder to found on the track) than the regular item boxes, the items also have a rarity.

Here is the list of the weapons found in Penguin Kart:

Icon Item Effect Mixed Up Rarity
TBD RocketSnail When activated, the driver's vehicle is given a constant turbo speed shortly. Gives constant turbo speed for a longer time. Very Common
TBD Ferris Wheels When activated, it converts the driver's vehicle's tires into ferris wheels, giving it extra speed for a few seconds. It lasts longer, and is also much faster. Very Rare
TBD Stone Snowball Releases a snowball which would fly down for a short time, when it hits a driver, they would spin out. Grows larger, but also flies down for even a shorter amount of time. Very Common
TBD Fire Snowball Releases a snowball which would fly down for a short time, when it hits a driver, their vehicle would be temporarily bet set on fire, making their vehicle more prone to damages. Grows larger, but also flies down for even a shorter amount of time, plus, the burning effect lasts longer. Uncommon
TBD Wet Snowball Releases a snowball which would fly down for a short time, when it hits a driver, it would temporarily blind them, making them harder to drive. Grows larger, but also flies down for even a shorter amount of time, plus, the blinding effect lasts longer. Common
TBD Electric Snowball Releases a snowball which would fly down for a short time, when it hits a driver, it would electrocute them and their vehicle, messing up their controls temporarily. Grows larger, but also flies down for even a shorter amount of time, plus, the electrocuting effect lasts longer. Rare
TBD Frozen Snowball Releases a snowball which would fly down for a short time, when it hits a driver, it would freeze them and their vehicle temporarily, making them turn into a moving ice cube, and as well turning their vehicle slippery harder to control. Grows larger, but also flies down for even a shorter amount of time, plus, the freezing effect lasts longer. Uncommon
TBD Detonative Snowball Releases a snowball which would fly down for a short time, when it hits a driver, it would count down from five to one seconds, after the counting finishes, it would explode. Grows larger, but also flies down for even a shorter amount of time, plus, instead of counting down, it insteads explodes instantly, the explosion effect is also more dangerous. very Common
TBD Fluffy Fish Throws out a Fluffy Fish in any directions, if it lands on an another driver, it would stun them, if lands on the ground, it vanishes shortly. Turns into a Mullet, which is heavier than the Fluffy Fish, when it lands on a driver, it would stun them more strongly. Common
TBD Anvil Throws out an anvil, if it lands on an another driver, it would crush them flat and then it vanishes, it also vanishes if it fails to land on a driver. Grows larger, and it falls down faster, plus, it crushes a victim more strongly. Uncommon
TBD Twister Summons a tornado, which would chase anybody who is in 1st place (unless if the player is 1st) and trap them inside shortly. Chases every racer on the track, once it traps a racer inside, it would multiply an another tornado and so on until it reaches the last victim, the tornado lasts for more milliseconds. Uncommon
TBD Warp Ball Fires a warp ball would trap in anybody caught in it's path, they are also sent in a random place behind. The ball goes twice as fast, and it also stuns the victim after they are sent behind. Very Rare
TBD Land Bomb When placed in a path, the bomb stays there until a passing racer drives over it, making it explode on contact and spinning out the driver. Is more effective and has a larger explosion radius. Very Common
TBD Bowling Bomb Fires a bomb which would roll down all the way until it hits anything solid, making it explode. It's tracking and speed is slightly improved, it would also have a larger explosion radius. Very Common
TBD Flying Bomb Fires a bomb with feathery wings, which would fly all they way until it flies into anything solid, making it explode. The bomb could now track down any drivers in front or behind. Common
TBD ROFL Waffle When thrown at a different racer, they would laugh uncontrollably, making them drive crazily. Travels at faster speed and follows the driver, plus, the laughing effect lasts longer. Rare
TBD Deletion Ray Shoots out of the car and deletes the nearby car for a few seconds, then it restores back. XTUX345 appears in the sky and deletes all the drivers except for the player, the deletion time also lasts longer. Very Rare
TBD Rolling Barrel Releases a barrel which would roll all the way down until it crashes into an object or a driver. Is grown two times it's own size, making it harder to dodge, it also rolls down slightly faster, in every crashes it gets, a smaller barrel would be released, it continues this until the smallest barrel is crashed. Very Rare
TBD Giant Boomerang When thrown, it would catch anybody in front and send them backwards, be warned though, when thrown backwards, it would do the exact opposite, taking them frontwards. It now has the ability to catch everyone else in front. Uncommon
TBD Electric Orb When placed in a path, it stays there until a passing racer drives over it, electrocuting them and making them spin out for a moment or two, then their vehicle would bounce up and down. Also makes the victim go backwards. Uncommon
TBD Square Energy Fires a blast of cube-shaped enegy at the nearest driver, after it hits them, their wheels would turn square and their vehicle is much harder to drive. The energy is now rectangular and it completely stops the victim. Uncommon
TBD Oil Spill Blasts out a pile of oil, when a driver runs over it, they would spin out frontwards. Grows larger and is able to take down two racers. Common
TBD Spike Trap If a driver runs over this when placed in a path, their vehicle would spin out and get a flat tire briefly. Appears more wide, plus, it can be ran over twice instead of once. Uncommon
TBD Pitfall Creates a circular hole in the path, when a racer drives into it, they would fall down inside, then they return back. Grows larger and vanishes after two racers drives into it. Rare
TBD Mighty Mallet Throws out a mallet which would pound the ground three times, releasing three shockwaves in different sizes, each bigger than the last, which would stun anybody touching it except for the user. The shockwave stuns EVERY racer except for the user. Rare
TBD Tankination Transforms the user's vehicle into a tank for thirty seconds, making them invincible and giving them the ability to fire bombs out of the tank. The bombs transforms into missiles, the transformation extends to fourty-five seconds. Very Rare
TBD Bubble Shield Protects the user inside a bubble, it would vanish either when it reaches fifteen minutes of usage or if it's attacked by a weapon, pressing the 'A' button gets rid of the bubble and fires it away. Appears slightly more translucent, but it also stays with the user for an unlimited period of time. Common
TBD Protection Shadow Luce, or Herbert Horror, depending on the driver's side, would spin around them appearing as smaller, shadowy self for a limited time, protecting the user from obstacles and act as a battering ram, plus, it also gives extra speed. Lasts longer. Uncommon
TBD Invisibilty-Invincibility Turns user transparent and makes them invulnerable to any obstacles in sight, lasts for twelve seconds. Lasts for twenty seconds. Rare
TBD Wings When activated, a pair of wings would appear in each sides of the user's vehicle, giving it the ability to fly for five seconds. The wings appears more light and lasts for ten seconds. Very Rare
TBD Transportation Helmet When activated, the user disappears then returns back in a further place frontwards. Sends the user into a much more further place, it also transports faster. Very Rare

Other Soundtracks[]


  • Every two months, new downloadable contents are released which contain new tracks and karts, so in a way the game is never ending.
  • If you play as WitchyPenguin in WitchyPenguin's hut, this music plays.
  • The course name, "Knightmare of Doom" sounds is word play on"Nightmare of Doom".
  • There would be a sequel, called Penguin Kart 2.
  • Walrus' vehicle, the Computer Eight, gets its' name from it's statistics, with all of them being eight.
  • It is highly recommended for players to turn off their sound volume when they use Mabel's special item.
  • While you're racing in Penghis Palace or Speed Stadium as Smash Puffle, you can see Stria, Dr. Betz Cell, and Dr. Boost R. in the crowd.
  • The hidden characters are shadowed in their potrait, plus, their portrait background is brigther than any of characters', weird.
  • Portraits of Darktan's minions can be seen in the race track, The Darktonian Mansion.
  • The pitfall could not be thrown in a chasm or in mid-air, for obvious reasons.
  • In it, you can make your own karts, plus, you can find any unlockable car customization parts in the adventure mode.
  • In the West Pengolian version of the game. When the player leaves the screen idle for five minutes, the cursor transforms into a cursor that looks like a small grumpy and fish-slapping penguin in honor of whoever he was.
  • A shadowed mugshot of each secret characters appears in the cover box, indicating their appearances.
  • In the back of it's cover box, there is a reference to a popular internet meme.

How to Unlock[]

Item Category How to unlock
MobileShroom Character Win 50 matches in Battlerina mode.
EdFan Character Win 75 matches in Battlerina mode.
Manny Peng Character Do 50 stunts in Stunt Arena mode.
Flywish Character Do 75 stunts in Stunt Arena mode.
Brown51brown Character Beat all personal best times on all courses in Time Trial mode.
Pen Chi Character Beat all of his ghosts in Time Trial.
Fred 676 Character Obtain any of the Jeweled Keys on all courses in Adventure mode.
Walrus Character Obtain all of the Onyx Jeweled Keys in Adventure mode.
Herbert P. Bear Character Finish 1st place in the Red Snowball Cup.
Metal Explorer Character Finish 1st place in the White Snowball Cup.
Newman Character Finish 1st place in the Green Snowball Cup.
WitchyPenguin Character Finish 1st place in the Pink Snowball Cup.
Link Character Finish 1st place in the Purple Snowball Cup.
Robo-Gary Character Finish 1st place in the Blue Snowball Cup.
Doom Knight Character Finish 1st place in the Yellow Snowball Cup.
Captain Str00del Character Finish 1st place in the Black Snowball Cup.
Darktan Character Defeat him twice in Adventure Mode.
Fake Tails Character Finish 1st place in the Orange Snowball Cup.
Jungle Rumble Track Finish 1st place on all of the courses in all GP Cups in Easy difficulty.
Bounce Shrooms Track Finish 1st place on all of the courses in all GP Cups in Medium difficulty.
Airborne Arena Track Finish 1st place on all of the courses in all GP Cups in Hard difficulty.
Aero Antagonist Track Finish 1st place on all of the Snowball Cups in Adventure Mode.
Penguin Cup GP Cup Finish 1st, 2nd, or 3rd place on all of the courses in Fish Cup and Snowball Cup in Easy difficulty.
Coin Cup GP Cup Finish 1st, 2nd. or 3rd place on all of the courses in Penguin Cup in Easy difficulty.
Flame Cup GP Cup Finish 1st, 2nd, or 3rd place on all of the courses in Coin Cup in Easy difficulty.
Engine Cup GP Cup Finish 1st or 2nd place on all of the courses in Flame Cup in Medium difficulty.
Puffle Cup GP Cup Finish 1st or 2nd place on all of the courses in Engine Cup in Medium difficulty.
Wheel Cup GP Cup Finish 1st or 2nd place on all of the courses in Puffle Cup in Medium difficulty.
Mullet Cup GP Cup Finish 1st place on all of the courses in Wheel Cup in Hard difficulty.
Utmost Cup GP Cup Finish 1st place on all of the courses in Mullet Cup in Hard difficulty.
Terminus Cup GP Cup Unlock Aero Antagonist and then finish 1st place on all of the courses in Utmost Cup in Hard difficulty.

Downloadable Content[]

Just like in Penguin Kart 2, new downloadabale contents are released every two months, the player can download new stuffs into the game via Wi-Fi.

Content Name Content Inclusions Date Released
Mwa Mwa Madness
+ Petguin Plunge
Two new race tracks:
    • Mwa Mwa Playhouse (Theme/Map)
    • Dog Dodge City (Theme/Map)

Five extra custom kart pieces.
An extra item:

    • Fairy Baby Rattle

The player can now throw Manny Peng's lollipop when his special item move is activated.
The Petguin character is now named, and has a different appearance.

September 13, 2009
Super Costume Pack #1 A plenty of alternate costumes are available for some characters: November 3, 2009


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This game is an obvious parody of Mario Kart and Crash Team Racing all combined into one.