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Penguin Isle
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Vital statistics
Type Island
Level Unknown
Location Somewhere in the Ocean, off the coast of the USA
Inhabitants Penguins, puffles

Penguin Isle is an island off the coast of the USA. It is where the Penguin Family originated.


Penguin Isle was found by Seymour M. Penguin in 1859. He found it when he went sailing one day, but a huge storm destroyed his ship, and he drifted ashore to a large island, which he liked better than the USA, so he built a boat out of cover wood, (which is only found there) and sailed back to the USA for materials, so he could build an entire land. Soon after, a few of his friends and his wife came to the island, where they stayed until they went back to the mainland and got their wives, and they raised families, but soon Seymour's friends left, for they thought the USA was a better place to raise families. Seymour and his wife stayed, and thus the Penguin family was born. That's when Seymour decided to name it Penguin Isle, after his family's surname.


There's the Branch forest. What else is there to put here?


There's lots of things to see on Penguin Isle. There's Antarctica's largest doughnut, the Official Hat Royal Order building (only members can access past the front lobby), a huge hot springs (penguins can go into the hot springs), a small town, The Penguin family mansion, and the Branch Forest.


Willy the Penguin's relatives currently live here, along with green, blue, and yellow puffles.


None. There's just the Penguin Family. Although the cousin in the back of Willy's family photograph seems sorta suspicious.


Fish, krill, and Wango-Tango. (A Penguin family recipe)

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