Club Penguin Fan Universe

The Penguin Hall Of Fame is where good, remembered penguins get inducted. It was opened in 1999 by an unknown penguin. In 2007, the Big Fat Building O' Archives bought it as a division of the National Archives.


Our founder's only memorial

Our Founder.

  • Spongebobrocks09: got inducted in 2000 by himself. In glass cover, there is Spongebob's signature autograph, and Spongebob's Spongebob Action Figure.
  • Penghis Khan: Khan got "inducted" in 2007, after he beribed the delegates with Ditto B]]. His portrait is now taped onto a vending machine in the lobby, with a sticky note bearing "This Penguin is in the Hall of Fame".
  • Happyface141: Happyface got inducted in 2008, back when he was considered a Webmaster.
  • Pearface/Mariothemovie: Pearface was inducted in 2008. A sheet of paper thanking him was taped to a door in the male's restroom somewhere in the building.
  • Nin Ja: Got Inducted In January 8, 2009 For Teaching Penguins the Art of being a Ninja.
  • Snakesy1 was inducted in 2009 for adventuring, discoveries, and preventing many unknown horrible things from happening.
  • Pen Pen Guin was inducted in 2009 as long as he would stay at least 10 miles away from the building, as he almost destroyed it.
  • Sam Rudi was inducted in 2009 for his fencing skills.