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Penguin Games
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Soccer is the new sport
Vital statistics
Participants Red Team, Blue Team, Purple Team
Date August 22nd-August 27th
Location Club Penguin

The Penguin Games was a major sport event in Club Penguin released soon after Purple Team came about. The main teams were Blue Team and Red Team but Purple Team did enter. The news was released in The Club Penguin Times. This was a chance to find out who was the best team ever. Rookie, the PSA public relations officer and Rory, the miner had a spot in the newspaper for this. The event lasted from August 22nd to August 27th. The Soccer Pitch opeaned and replaced the Ice Rink until the Ice Rinks return in Christmas 2008. Most fans got face paint in the color of there team and signs saying Go whatever there team name is.

The event[]

The event had three main contests:A Marathon from the Ski Village to the Cove, a three lapped race around the Ice Burg and a swimming contest. There were other sports which included Find Four, Mancala, Surfing, Snowboarding, Sled Racing, Ice Hockey at a party long Ice Rink and Snowball Fights. Some other places in Antartica got involved and began playing sports like Football.


There was not actually a winner since there were so many Penguins involed. The Penguins that completd the three main contest recieved Gold Medals. The Penguins elsewhere recieved their own Medals or Tropheys.

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  • The Canon info about the games: [1]
  • It is said that this event replaces the Penguin League.
  • Their might be another one next year.