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Penguin Chat Airways 2001

Penguin Chat Airway's final logo used, in 2001. It only lasted for six months as Club Penguin AirFlights merged with them.

Penguin Chat Airways 1995

Penguin Chat Airway's logo from 1995 to 1999. Controversy rained over this logo as the plane, depicting an S757, has never been used by the company.

Penguin Chat Airways was a former airliner which merged with Club Penguin AirFlights in 2005. It was a great airline though two incidents caused the crew's responsiblity outraged.


Penguin Chat Airways 1979

Penguin Chat Airways' first logo in 1979 featured white polygons, which is now an emblem of Penguin Airlines.

As the avaiation demand grew in Eastshield and former CP Isle, Sir Menuch Erm Velustique, some type of person with a funny language started "Velustique Aero Lines", an airliner which gave services to domestic and inner-state item. Soon, many penguins praised the airline, with Club Penguin AirFlights, Air Antarctic and Antarctican Airlines anger. The airliner grew profit. Alot.

During the 1980s and 1990s, when the Antarctic was just starting to get mordern, it ran flights to domestic areas, such as Pengolia and Trans-Antarctica. However, in 1992 and 1996, the airplane crashed twice, resulting luckily no fatalities but hundreds of injuries, after parachuting and escaping. Reports found that pilot error caused the problem. They fixed the problem and began running again.

In 2002, the airliner has changed their name to Penguin Chat Airways after it run the most daily services there. In 2005, after facing too many debts, it's pre-competitor Club Penguin AirFlights bought the airline. It is now a part of the airliner, with it's airplanes mostly used.


They operated a fleet of 41. Average age of fleet: 12.5


The destinations before the month merger:

Club Penguin Island[]



  • Pengu Town-Pengu Trans-Antarctica Domestic Airport


They only contianed Economy Class on all flights. There were chances to make buissness class operations, but failed in 1994 and 1996. Premium Economy started on 2002.

Cabin Classes[]

The seat was 33" inches pitch per seat for Economy Class. They feature 10.5" inches personal in-flight entertainment and so. It is fitted with all airplanes and made of fine leather of unknown animals from the above.

In Premium Economy, it features 40" inches pitch per seat. They feature 12 inches personal in-flight entertainment and so. It is fitted in only Snowing 717s for flights going to Pengu Town.

In-Flight Entertainment[]

They featured an in-flight entertainment known as StarTV. They have 17 videos and 17 movies, 10 games and 20 audio items. They are fitted with different screens and are found at the front of the seat.

Also, a magazine known as "Penguin Chat Airways Magazine" is available for reading. Languages include English and Leet. Also, some kind of blah-blah language.


DUDU Catering provides food to the airliner. It has special meals every day for Premium Economy and normal for Economy. Yum Yum!


This is a typical illustration of the airline's livery


Their livery is a large star at the back coloured in dark blue and some wind behind. Here is a picture:

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