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Penguin Chat
Penguin Chat image
The Lone Island of Penguin Chat
Penguin Chat map
The location of Penguin chat
Vital statistics
Type Similar to Club Penguin
Level Most of the island is above sea level
Location Near the U.S.A
Inhabitants Deserted

Penguin Chat was the home of some Penguins before Club Penguin was discovered. The island was about a third the size of CP, but had quite a few penguins living on it. It's deserted now, but penguins still get rescources from it.


Like Club Penguin, Penguin Chat was a port city though not a major one. Many penguins would hang out here, and sometimes go on vacations. Unfortunatley, Penguin Chat was a small island and couldn't fit many penguins. Then when more islands were discovered Penguin Chat was deserted, and it's now only used for oil digging.


No one really knows what Penguin Chat is like now except for the miners that go there.


As said above not many people know what's on Penguin Chat, but there used to be a Town (Similar to the one on CP), a Construction Site, and a small snow forts.


No one except the Miners who work there.


  • Leopard Seals
  • Skuas


One of its most common resources was oil. Penguins would dig for it, and send it to the rest of the USA. The oil would then be used to power jets, Snow Cats, and other things. Another resource was fish. The coasts were perfect for fishing and many penguins enjoyed it.


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