Penguiki Island
Penguiki Island map
The map of Penguiki Island.
Country Warmslates
Area 210 km²
Monuments None.
Neighbourhoods Hotel Area, Nordville
Population 180 200
- rank by 2009: 170 000
Inhabited species Penguin, puffle.
General information
Native name Penguiki Island.
Foreign name
Demonym Penguikian
Founded February, 1992.
- founder Lanaka87
Time zone MST (Mountain Standard Time)
- summer MSST (Mountain Standard Summer Time)
Area codes 66 for the Hotel Area, 89 for Norville.

Penguiki Island is a large metropolitan area which is itself a city. It consists of the Hotel Area and Norville - the Residental Area. The island is often visited by rich/medium class penguins due to its tropical climate.


It used to be a big island. Around 100.000 BC storms came from the north. A canal in the middle of this island was filled with water. It separated the southern part of the island. The island was blown to the south and now is known as Zandomia.

The island was untouched until February, 1992 when they were found by Lanaka87, Rockhopper's ex cabin boy. Before the storm had come, he had left the ship in a life boat. He got to the island, finding there conditions to life. Soon more penguin came and made a small community. This was the first island to be discovered in this area. Soon more penguins came there by an accident and made a small community. In September '06 Rockhopper found the island, and the penguins, who lived there had invited him. He told Club Penguin about the island, making it a big holiday island. The city grew very rapidly, and became what it is today.


The island was originally a mix of a fragment from the Iceberg, and an underwater volcano eruption. Then lots of sand had floated from the west building a large beach. The island was quite stormy, so no penguins, even Rockhopper could not acess the island. the storms had finished in around 1567, and the weather had melted the rests of ice and snow. The island started "moving" south west. It's in the district of Warmslates, along with two islands, not shown on the map. They are Zandomia and Denes. It had slowly become a tropical island. Now it's a very warm island.


There is everything for tourists here! Lots of hotels, souvenir shops, beaches, sun, mountains. The biggest shop is the Waikimarket - a large supermarket in the middle of the island. To the east are the Califronian Mountains with the Transitional Station. It used to send radio signals to Antarctica, but it is closed for now. Other places are:

  • Penguiki Airport
  • Penguiki Seaport


There are some sightings of the mysterious penguin Link he might have lived on the island in 1994. The biggest controversy is the book found on nearby Zandomia. The agencies are researching, while the tourists are sunbathing on the beautiful beaches in west parts of the island.


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