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The Democratic Nation of Pengonia
Dan's Land of Pengonia
|85px|border|Flag of Pengonia]]
MottoHail the Congress!
It isn't made yet...
(and )
Official languages English (spoken), and l33T (written)
Species  Penguins, Puffles, arctic terns, and RocketSnails, and about any sort of creature you will find in this wiki.

Demonym Antarctic/Antarctican

Government Democracy
 -  President Dan
Bought Bought and Conquered. 
 -  Dan's Attack Sunday March 21, 2010 
 -  Water (%) 86% (Mostly ice and permafrost, a few streams of running water; there is a layer of land under most of that ice, though)
 -  2009 estimate 1,792,000 
 -  2010 census 2,010,000 
Currency Varies depending on state. Standards is Pebbles (P).
Does not observe Daylight Savings.
Drives on the Right.
Calling code 152
Footnotes This is a small Archipelago

Not to be confused with Pengolia.

This is Dan's new country, it has Dan's Island, Ice Berg Island, and soon to be more.


They over threw Dan leaving him to crawl back to the USA

Dan's Navy[]

On a cold, March Day, a speck was seen on the horizon of Ice Berg Island. Little did the residents know that this was their worst fear, an attack. Dan's Navy quickly defeated the 5 residents with Snowball Guns. Then, the residents realized that is was Dan who was trying to SAVE them! Dan's Navy is very powerful. He has a smaller army than navy.


There are currently two (2) islands involved in the country, Dan's Island and Ice Burg Island.

Ice Berg Island[]

The bigger island of the two, Ice Berg island is Dan's Actual Home. This is where most penguins live and is more of a cultural hot spot.

Dan's Island[]

This island of Dan's was formerly owned by Flywish. It is the rumored secret location of the CNIC. Dan recently purchased this island from Flywish and is using this for the military base. Some of those crazy conspirators believe this is the CNIC's REAL base.

There is a strange, giant, boat shaped, office building RIGHT on the water. It has a no trespassing sign, but people always go in, they are never seen again.

All of the rumored CNIC workers are supposed to live here. The strange old coot down the street and of course Dan!

Beaky Island[]

The smallest of the three it is the resort island of the three. It has all of the fun things. These include a Puff Flags. No one knows how, when, or why this showed up. One day TSP was here, the next a Puff Flags was. It is the ONLY theme park even aloud on the island. No one knows why.


Tons of penguins, why else is is called Pengonia?


Water, an army, and trees.

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