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Pengo Pollo
Vital statistics
Title Pengo Pollo
Gender Male
Race Penguin
Faction Famous Explorer
Health Deceased
Level Deceased
Status Deceased
Location Unknown

Pengo Pollo is a famous explorer and Swiss Ninja's Ancestor.


Ever since Pengo was a Chick, he always loved adventure. He was the Second Penguin in the Hochstadt Family to be able to break the fourth wall. (the first penguin in the family to break the fourth wall was Pengo Pollo's father, Signore Francis.) At age 12, he became a cabin boy on a ship known as the Great Dabloon. He was only cabin boy for 3 years until he was promoted to a sailor. He studied hard about the sea, and learned the placement of the stars. He worked real hard for another 6 years until the old captain died of old age. By this time, Pengo Pollo was at the rank of a First Mate, and now he was the captain of the ship. This is when his adventures and fame begin.


At his first exploration, Pengo Pollo wanted to go to a land never found before, but could not sail with his crew alone. He dicided to ask the Current Ruler of the High Penguin Confederacy at the time to support him. The ruler agreed, and sent an armada of other ships to come with the Great Dabloon, leaving Pengo Pollo to lead the whole expedition himself. He traveled to places like South America, Africa, Asia, and Austrailia. He brought goods back from those places.


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