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The PengWay Logo

PengWay is a popular sandwich resturaunt in the USA. It was established by Fred De Penga circa 1999, and later by Steelers Fan 11 after merger.. It's main competition is Pink Penguins


Fred De Penga was a famous sandwich maker. He made a resturaunt to sell them. After a few weeks he made millions of coins. After he died he gave the store to Judge Xaxier who usually eats their meals during South Pole Council meetings. It has to merge with Fishway, another sandwhich restaurant and went under the PengWay name. However, the other party became the CEO and high ranking officers, maybe could be the form of a reverse merger.


  • The current motto is Eat Fish.
  • The old motto was MMMMM FISH!


  • Despite it's dedication to making sandwiches, it is considered as a fast food franchise.
  • PengWay is one of the ten big resturaunts not to have Fat contaminate their food.
  • PengWay is also helping to work for a cure to Fat.
  • It competes with Fishburger Helper in the eat home VS. eat out controversy.
  • Merging with Fishway will make a slight change to the logo.
  • It is a parody of Subway.

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