Club Penguin Fan Universe

Pblox Logo
Inspiration(s) N/A
Developer(s) 12yz12ab,Ab21yz12
Publisher(s) 12yz Labs Inc.
Release date in USA December 7 2009
Release date in the UTR December 11 2009
Release date in Non-Free Republics {{{others}}}
Release date in Free Republics of the USA December 15 2009
Genre Building
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Platform(s) PC
Predeced by nothing
Followed by Pblox 2


12yz12ab was bored. He wanted to do something. He needed to test his inventions without real explosions. Then, he got the idea for Pblox. He went on his computer and started making the game. When he was done,many penguins signed up and 12yz12ab built a place called Pblox testing HQ and a place like his lab. Then,12yz12ab's father found out about the game. He bacame the next moderator and they shared an account called PBLOX. They built a place called Four Corners (Parody of Crossroads). It was a great success. Many people went to that place. Then,they started a forum for the game and the Builders Club program. By this time, there were about 2,000 users. When Ba12zy21 found out about the game,she became an admin two. Then,they created forum moderators,image moderators and super moderators. About 30 lucky users got to be promoted to those ranks. Then,they created color for your Pbloxian,hats,shirts and pants so everyone can look different. Everyone loved it. Then,they created teleporters. Teleporters were very popular that many penguins told all their friends to sign up. By this time,there were about 9,001 users! Everyone was very excited! For the celebration,they created models,things made my other users! The first model was a figure. Then,the moderators created the catalog,where you can search for items. They also created heads. One month later,they created faces and groups. By this time,there were 15,000 users! Wow! Then,they created some contests. They also created the Turbo Builders Club program! Then,there was no updates for a long,long time until...Outrageous Builders club came out! It was a very big success! By this time,there were 25,000 users! Then They Made...Extreme Builders Club! It Was The Biggest Success Of All! By This Time, There Were 1 Million Users! And,the rest is happening today. The end.


  • It is a parody of Roblox.
  • 12yz12ab's account is a parody of Builderman (the creator of roblox).
  • Ba21zy21's account is a parody of reecemcblox.
  • Ab21yz12's account is a parody of Telamon.
  • PBLOX's account is a parody of ROBLOX (A Main Popular Moderator Of Roblox.)
  • There is a t-shirt in some games that allow you to break the fourth wall mostly to win. They are called V.I.P. (very important penguin) t-shirts.
  • There is a t-shirt in some games that allow you to break the eighth wall and get a lot more stuff mostly to.. um.. win. they are called S.V.I.P (super very important penguin) t-shirts.
  • Extreme Builders Club Is Not In The Real Life Roblox.