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Ninja lare

Bottoms Up

Club Ninja Penguin image
It's that guy!!
Vital statistics
Title Dawg
Gender Male
Race Emperor Penguin
Faction He likes golf!!
Health A.O.K
Level ??
Status Fighting Agents!!
Location USA

Patchy99 is rumored to be the very first ninja in history; at a time when ninjas were not known to the penguins inhabitating Antarctica. This outlaw keeps an extremely low profile, and is most commonly mistaken for someone else.

Life with ninjas[]

Patchy99 finished Card jitsu training in 1999 and then decided to train other penguins. He then made the ninja gang and started raiding the USA banks.

Finding Hat Pop[]

Patchy99 was almost done capturing the USA, but a power stronger than the ninjas themself,Hat pop,was preventing forward movement. He sent out a spy to find hat pop, but the spy never returned...So then the invasion of the ninjas started, but a army of bunnys turned half the ninjas to tar tar sauce.

Defeat and capture[]

Patchy99 was determined to defeat the agents at the battle of mammoth, so he recruited a huge army of ninjas to fight of all the agents in club penguin. However, hat pop had sided with the agents, so the ninjas were defeated and patchy99 was captured and became a prisoner of war. However, he dissapeared into the cell and has never been seen since...

Escape and Re-capture[]

Patchy99 had escaped from the cell and finaly stole 2 Billion dollars from the USA. But then he was captured again and put in a iron cell, were he now is was.

Escape to homeland[]

Patchy99 esaped(Of course, you cant stop him) and returned to his birthplace,Bottoms Up.


  • "Yo".
  • Whats Up Dawg"!
  • "My life is fun, but it could be more fun"!
  • "Peace Homie"!
  • "Werd Out" Homie(Dawg)Varies


  • Patchy99 and his ninjas escaped to bottoms up and are the main army there.
  • He is believed to have been assasinated numerous of times, but thats just rumors.
  • It is Unknown why he is enemys with Hart Pop, as both are ninjas.


Rank of enemys on his list.