Club Penguin Fan Universe
Pancake Firing Auto Projectile Artillery Launcher
Vital statistics
Type Weapons
Effects Knocked out penguins, no-longer hungry users
Source Metalmanager
Location EPF Headquarters
Cost to buy Not for sale
Cost to sell Not for sale

Pancake Firing Auto Projectile Artillery Launcher (or simply Pancake Launcher) is a hand-held weapon made by Metalmanager, used to fire pancakes at enemies. It is backed up with a 20 pancake reload built in. It has two modes, Normal or Fire, Normal shoots normal, pre-cooked pancakes, while Fire shoots burnt, dud pancakes. The pancakes can be detached and makes a healthy breakfast.


It fires Pancakes at such a speed it can cover a whole penguin's face, putting them to the floor, leaving them struggling to get the tasty pancake off. It came from an idea Metalmanager had when he was cooking pancakes, and thinking of a snowball launcher. Since it's already been invented, Pancakes would make a good weapon to fire at enemies. although he knew it'd be a waste of perfectly tasty pancakes


  • It can fire a Pancake at up to 17 MPH.
  • The pancakes can be eaten off of your face if you've been shot by one, unless they've been burned.
  • Just pre-cook pancakes and bring them if you run out of ammo.

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