Club Penguin Fan Universe

In 2019, PabloDePablo will be 28 (22 if you do not count this), and will be more wealthy than he is currently. He will marry and empressize (make empress, A word Pablo made up and Benny does not approve of.) Yalondo Yinchanva. He will also have an heir to the ruling of Razorbeak Island, which seems to be the base of a secret empire in the very few things seen by Pablo. Pablo did see his future self, but describes the look being "current him in a tuxedo".


  • 2010- Pablo starts thinking of his own empire.
  • Late 2010-Early 2011- Pablo decides to make Razorbeak Matrix Empire and starts thinking about how it should be.
  • Late 2011- Blueprints are drawn for the new cities and the old Dance-O-Academy is turned into a secret hideout for the agencies and space program, including teleporters to the building sites of new cities.
  • 2012- Yalondo is planned to be empress of the RME and the first penguin-built underwater city is done.
  • 2013- Pablo announces RME to the whole population of his kingdom.
  • 2014-2017- Pablo is bored and a space station city is built.
  • Late 2017- RME gets message from The Happyface State and PASA saying they are not afraid to start war.
  • 2018- Pablo creates Heir of Razorbeak in his lab.
  • 2019- Pablo meets his past self.